Thursday, May 28, 2009

Solar Return in the Underworld

I'm coming to my solar return (Saturday, May 30), and just ran my chart to see what's ahead. Turns out my Sun is in the 12th house and my Moon and Saturn are in the 4th house! Now try and tell me astrology does not work. Hidden Gemini stuck in the house with a broken bone.

I broke my ankle a month ago and have not been out of my house for a month. House bound, I rely on friends to bring food, do my laundry and my dishes. I am hobbling around on crutches. Since I have been very sedentary for the last couple years, my physical stamina and strength are minimal, so I am having a lot of trouble getting around.

All my activities have been affected. I have not been out at all. All my club and group activities have been halted. I have had to miss the fairs that I signed up for to sell my herbal products (see my herb blog).

I am not my usual 'bubbly, talkative' Gemini self. Or rather, I am going through a metamorphosis. Sun now conjunct the ascendant (also now in Gemini), I am completing a cycle of transformation and will come out a different person. Well, that's for sure. I feel like I went into the Underworld a month ago. I know that when this is over, my life must change.

Friends have suggested 'there is something to learn from this.' Boy, have I heard enough of that! Actually, this time it made me angry. I feel like my entire life has been nothing but lessons. When do I get to just have some fun? I might become a total hedonist after this.

In fact lately, I find myself unable to analyze or even think for that matter. I feel I am totally living in the NOW. I have to. My day is about survival, that's it. Of course, this will not be permanent, but it has been making me think about how dependent I am on others.

Meanwhile, with no cable available, I watch Netflix. I got the series Jericho and it is affecting my consciousness as well. I dreamt about Jake last night. But....the show is a metaphor for what we all face. Not nuclear destruction or terrorist attack, but the end of services, the lack of supplies, power etc, that we all face with Global Warming, Peak Oil, the End of Food, pollution of water and air etc.

I have become even more aware that in one moment one's world can change completely. While I am not a vegetarian, I normally eat a very healthy diet. Now, since I can't cook, I have to eat frozen pre-prepared meals, (full of bad stuff), heated in the microwave. I get pre-made salads which cost a fortune, just to get my veggies. Meanwhile all the seeds I started in my greenhouse are way beyond ready to transplant. None of the people who are coming to help me are into doing this, so the veggie garden I planned will probably not happen. I realize how vulnerable I am. But I know that we all are.

We must begin to grow our own food! Grow what we can, trade with others for what we need. We must find ways to get around without gasoline. We must learn to do with less, be happy in the moment and be more flexible.

If you want a reading send me a comment and we will make an appointment.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Moon in Gemini May 24

New Moons represent beginnings. It is a unique New Moon because it squares a rare triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron.

While Jupiter and Neptune are conjunct every 12-13 years, and Jupiter and Chiron conjunct every 13-20, Neptune and Chiron conjunct between 57 and 80 years! Thus they may conjunct only once in a lifetime.

Perhaps this explains my recent accident, where I slipped, fell and broke my right ankle. Prior to the accident, which occurred while I was attending a Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship workshop, I had been slightly spraining both ankles for about a month. It was very disturbing and worrisome. I couldn't understand what was going on. Each time it happened, it was worse than the last. I live alone in a semi-rural area, with only one neighbor, who would never hear me if I were screaming for help. So, instead, I was among a group of healers-in-training when I fell and sprained my ankle so badly, it broke.

The significance was not lost on me. Nor was the 'luck' of being with a group of wonderful people, who were prepared to help me in so many ways. Thanks to the healing that was given to me by my friends.

I had just returned from communicating with a plant and talking to the chickens in the garden. The workshop was definitely operating on the Neptunian principle of the Unity of Creation. We were learning to enhance our relationship with the natural world by opening up to a different way of perceiving it. It was a shamanic journey. I got to be 'dismembered.'

Chiron was wounded in the ankle and because he was immortal, could not die, but rather suffered endlessly until a bargain was made among the gods so that Chiron could die. He became the constellation Sagittarius.

This triple conjunction is occurring in my 6th house, the house of healing, work, talents, and service. I feel that Chiron has given me the 'nod' and accepted me as a healer. I got initiated by Chiron.

The triple conjunction will go retrograde in the next two week period. Chiron will go retrograde on my 61st birthday, May 30!

Of course, the 'gift' from Chiron is not always appreciated. I am somewhat immobilized, since I can't drive or go outside. I must rely on others to help me. I must accept whatever help anyone can offer. Since I like my independence, this requires Surrender (another attribute of Neptune.)

When I had my Chiron return several years ago, it was just prior to being ordained as a minister of the Universal Worship. My mother took me on a trip to Crete where we went to an incredible tour called "Chiron, the Wounded Healer." She had no idea what that meant, nor did she know it was my Chiron return, but she thought it was something I would like. We had some incredible mother/daughter healing occur on that trip.

We also have a square to the triple conjunction from Mercury! It will station direct on my birthday as well. Now, there must be a message in all this for me. Since, as a Gemini with Virgo rising, Mercury is my significator planet and Pluto is opposing my natal Mercury.

The way I see all this? It is time for me to define, refine and then put out my message. The intention I stated at the beginning of the Plant Spirit Healing workshop was Surrender. Surrender does not mean 'giving up' or 'giving in.' It is setting the course - orientation to one's true purpose in life. It is more like Allowing What is Real and True to manifest.

I have a lot of time to think about what is next in my life. With the help of this New Moon and the influence of the powerful squaring planets, I see a path unfolding.