Friday, December 9, 2011

Full Moon Eclipse Dec 10, 2011

Coulda, shoulda woulda.. written this earlier, but in the FLOW of NOW which the power of entrenched paradigms to control our perceptions of reality while the NEW dimensions are shimmering right below the surface ready to bring forth a new way of being.

The importance of not succumbing to the illusion of 'no way' is becoming so clear to me. To the extent of my ability to walk my talk and practice what I preach (do I preach?)...things work.
I would love to be able to get up early to see this eclipse, but as cold as it is right now, I don't know if that will happen.

Eclipses open portals for souls to come and go. They are also times for reprogramming. This one is no different.
The Universe has been demonstrating indisputably to me lately that we have infinite power to create the world we want to live in. If you are like me, you get loads of emails about seminars to help us deal with our blocks to abundance, blah, blah, blah. Don't you get sick of it? Everyone talks about how are natural state is happy, loving, living in abundance etc. but the news is all about lack, anger, frustration, and fear. So what's the problem?

We all know at least one thing we could do that would improve our lives...lose weight, stop smoking, meditate, talk a walk, the list goes on and on. But do we do it? At the same time we complain about this or that. We want something to change, get better, whatever, yet we don't do the ONE THING that would make it better. The fact is, if we did that one small thing, everything else would be different too. I KNOW THIS IS TRUE!

The amazing effect of doing that one small thing that we know about is that other things improve as well. The reason is that by doing that one small thing, we are both strengthening our will power and working against self-sabotage. We change our energetic makeup completely. The other seemingly unrelated changes we want to see are thus available to us. We change our image of ourselves as this person who does not follow through to a being with integrity. The block is our self-image - as a person who does not follow through. The Universe responds to our self image. When we stop self-sabotage, the Universe responds.

Consensus reality is still operating from the old paradigm: hard work=success. What the Occupy Movement is about is that the old paradigm does not work anymore. They are only dealing with part of it and if I may say so, only the surface of the issue. We have to go deeper than whether someone has a job or not to the concept of having a job in the first place. Questioning the paradigms is about much more than that. Why are we here in the first place? To get a job? Buy a house? Pay our bills?

These are the REAL QUESTIONS the Occupy Movement is never going to ask because it, too, is just part of the existing paradigm - the other side of the same old coin. To make real change, each individual has to do the inner work. The work you only can do alone. Only a few people are going to do that. The real 1%!

We can get so used to "struggling, fighting" that we have no idea how to function in its absence. What would we do if all our dreams just came true overnight? Could we handle it? Or would we still see the old situation? Isn't it just possible that the world we want is already here, but that we just can't see it?

On Dec. 10, Uranus, the Awakener goes direct in Aries, then 3 days later, on Dec. 13, Mercury goes direct in Sagittarius, the Truth Seeker. We are living in amazing times, when the veils are being lifted. Are you ready to see the truth?

Dec. 13 is also Feast of Santa Lucia, patron saint of the blind. Lucia, who lived from 283-304 AD in Sicily, was a Christian who refused to marry a pagan. She had her dowry distributed to the poor.
Her name means "light" and it is believed she can bring sight back. May Santa Lucia shine her light and help us to see the truth of who we are and why we are here.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

2012 is the Year of Astrology

Time to get a reading to see what is in store for you for the coming year! There are so many significant transits going on, there is no way you will not be affected.

Pluto in Capricorn forms exact squares with Uranus twice next year.
Uranus (revolution, rapid-unexpected change) will be in Aries (god of war, pioneer, explorer), for the next 7 years.
Neptune (dreams, spirituality, mysticism) in Pisces (Source, unity), it's home sign.
Pluto (god of death and rebirth, transformation) in Capricorn (government, economics, corporate control).

So while there will continue to be upsets in the world, there also will be the opportunity for spiritual awakening and connection to the Divine and inspired creativity on a grand scale.

Your chart represents the sky when you were born. It is like a map of your life showing past influences, present circumstances and directions for future growth and progress towards your mission.

With a focus on Pluto (soul's purpose), the lunar nodes (past and future), Neptune (your spiritual nature) and Uranus (past-life memory and unresolved issues), my readings help you see the big picture of your life - helping you write or if necessary, re-write the story of your life.

To support intentions you set for the next year, I can make you a personal flower essence blend, for an additional charge.

An astrology reading is a great gift for the 'person who has everything', if you know anyone like that. I sure don't but...everyone can benefit from an astrology reading. An unusual gift for those odd balls in your life!

Pay in advance through Paypal leaving your email or phone # and I will contact you to schedule either an in-person reading or a phone reading.

I highly  recommend the new Pluto book by Mark Jones, "Healing the Soul: Pluto, Uranus and the Lunar Nodes". See sidebar to order. Mark Jones from the UK combines his psychotherapy practice with astrology, hypnotherapy and other modalities. He was part of the Evolutionary Astrology conference on "Astrology, Reincarnation and the Soul", which took place in Denver, 2010. His work on identifying trauma signatures in the chart was paradigm changing. My practice has been raised to a higher level after receiving this information. My increased understanding of myself and the effects of past-life trauma has been healing. I am now writing a book on the transformational potential of trauma. Get this book!

Monday, November 21, 2011

New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius - November 24-25

This is a very powerful celestial event for a number of reasons.

1) New Moons are seen as times for beginning new things. The days of darkness when the moon is not visible can be times for gestating that which wishes to be born. It is birthed at the New Moon.

2) Eclipses - alignments of Sun and Moon - are portals through which souls enter and leave this dimension. Our alignment with the ultimate portal - the Galactic Center further emphasizes the potential of this alignment. This Eclipse is 25 degrees from the GC, considered to be too far to be a conjunction in astrology, but not that far to have an effect. So.. the portal created by the alignment of our Sun and Moon is connected to the portal (black hole) at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy which was seen, by the ancients Mayans, as the place of death and rebirth adding further power to this New Moon Eclipse. See my 2012 blog for more on this.

3) Venus is only 1 degree from the GC during this New Moon Eclipse. The cultures of ancient Mesoamerica saw Venus as the god of war. They timed their 'star wars' according to the cycle of Venus. This particular transit of Venus will pass right in front of the Sun, a very rare alignment.

4) The sign of Sagittarius represents the Spiritual Seeker, the one who searches for higher meaning and truth. The Archer aims its arrow at the highest potential available to each one of us no matter our current circumstances.

5) In Evolutionary Astrology, a system brought forth by Jeffrey Wolf Green, Sagittarius and the ninth house represent what is called 'natural law' as contrasted with man-made law.

Since many of the man-made institutions are collapsing during this time, this New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius might be the ideal time to DO something that is in alignment with the life you want.
Alberto Villoldo says:

"The only way to end this dreadful reality is to awaken to the fact that it, too, is a dream, and recognize our ability to write a better story, one that the Universe will work with us to manifest. The nature of the cosmos is such that whatever dream you have about yourself and the world will become reality."

We need to focus on the world we want to live in then dream it into being by keeping the vision before us.

The Occupy Movement seems to be focusing on what is wrong and needs to change. Unfortunately there are few goals. One of the things that bothered me in the 60s when I was actively protesting the Vietnam War
etc, was that few had suggestions about what we would do if we won our battles with the system. What would we replace it with?

I see a similar problem now. We have gotten so dependent on the infrastructure, the system, even the government. What do we actually want to do? Is the goal merely to be allowed to have tent cities in
every town? I doubt it.

Because we have been encouraged to seek solutions outside ourselves, we don't realize we have to look inside first. The shift has to happen inside before you will ever see it on the outside. If we withdrew our
participation - stop spending your money at corporate-owned businesses, we would have more effect than camping out in the street. Every time we buy stuff at big box stores we fund the corporations.

People are frustrated, angry, scared. We are living a life of projection and blame. In some ways it is easier to yell at someone than to change our own behavior. If everyone quit smoking, that would put the tobacco companies (among the richest and most powerful influences in the world today) out of business. But instead, we want to keep our habit and make them pay more taxes. We expect the system to go against itself and do things against their self-interest.

How many of the Occupy people are using cell phones? Are they thinking about all the electro-magnetic pollution they are causing? or how the people who make the phones are living at the lowest economic levels in the world? Are they thinking about the risk to their own health? the possibility of brain cancer? Who will they blame if it happens? They want their cell phone and to end economic exploitation too.

The fact is... I hate to say it...but most of the people yelling the loudest are angry because they want it all. They want to be part of the 1% and are pissed off because they just found out the American Dream is not true anymore. Actually, it never was. It was always a way to get people to buy things. "You too can own a home, drive a new car every year, have it all...." It was a marketing scheme folks. Dreamed up by Madison
Avenue. Speaking of which, why is no one occupying Madison Avenue? That is the real culprit. Madison Avenue invented the American Dream. Much more so than Wall street. The money made on Wall Street was used to buy stuff promoted on Madison Avenue.

I challenge everyone to not buy anything this Christmas from anyone except a local craftsperson. Or better yet, make all your own gifts. Make homemade jam, cookies, or flavored vinegars. Package and decorate yourself. There is plenty of time before Christmas if you start now. Take all that pent-up anger and frustration at the system and use it creatively. That way, you will manifest beauty with your energy rather than destruction. Use the money you saved when you quit buying cigarettes, coffee at Starbuck's, a new cell phone.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nov. 10, 2011 Full Moon in Taurus

One day before the 11.11.11 date. Personally, I don't understand what that is about, but there are those who consider it extremely significant. Is this another doomsday? or another chance to ascend? Whew, with all these major transformations'd better get it together. That's the message I get from all this and what this Full Moon is all about.

If found this online and it seems to sum 11:11:11 up fairly well, so I am quoting it. It comes from a website featuring newspaper articles from Ontario, Canada.

"According to Ancient Secrets Revealed, 11 is a master psychic’s number that means spiritual truth, intuition and ideals. It is viewed as a conduit to higher vibrational energy and wisdom. For that reason, there will be a tremendous number of ceremonies and celebrations around the world on November 11, 2011 or 11.11.11 including a major event in Toronto, Ontario.
The number 1 by itself can mean either the positive aspects of self-awareness and consciousness or selfishness, arrogance and aggression. The number 11 in astrological terms means you should pay attention to your intuition. Then the 11.11 connection suggests living as a more evolved person and taking responsibility for your actions.
When it comes to 11.11.11, which when added equals 6, it relates to home, family and stability as well as making the correct decision, being a good role model and viewing the world with an open mind. It also denotes getting rid of old thoughts and feelings that are detrimental emotionally, physically and spiritually."

I also like this article on Ancient Secrets Revealed

Be that as it may, the day before is a Full Moon in Taurus. Taurus encourages us to live in balance on the plane of matter. Taurus is concerned with survival, the realm of the senses (and the sensual), land, and values in relation to material wealth among other things. VERY IMPORTANT right now. And definitely 'up'. The Occupy movement is a rebellion of the 'people' the 99% against those who own most of the wealth. A classic struggle between the haves and those who want more. I won't call them the have nots because that is not really true. Few of the people protesting are have nots....they are people who want more. For more on this see my post on one of my other blogs.

Back to this Full Moon. Three important celestial bodies go direct around this one: Neptune, Ceres and Chiron. Ceres and Chiron go direct in Pisces, Neptune in the last degrees of Aquarius repairing for its ingress into its home sign.

Neptune in Pisces for the next 14 or so years is the real harbinger of spiritual evolution. I have discussed this in relation to 2012 on my CD program for sale on my 2012 blog.

During the next 14 years, transcendental experiences will be happening to everyone - even if just for a few moments. Everyone will have the chance to awaken - at least a little.

I think this quote sums it all up:
"The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away." (Pablo Picasso)
taken from The Mountain Astrologer, Oct/Nov 2011, p.105

I think this Full Moon on the axis of Taurus and Scorpio, asks us to examine our values and what we value. Do we value relationships or possessions? Do we determine what is important in our lives or do we follow the beliefs or dictates of others. Are we self-affirming or do we need feedback from others to establish our self-worth?

This Full Moon happens to be in wide conjunction to my natal nodes. It is also coincident that I am currently in a mode of re-evaluation and examination of my talents and abilities in relation to the needs of those I hope to serve. Lately, I have been feeling that no one wants what I have to offer. Should I change what I do to correspond to the market? or should I maintain my own goals. It boils down to - should I change my 'product' so that people will buy it? Interestingly, as I write this, the answer is clear. If I am truly following my heart's desire, it doesn't matter if anyone else values it or not. I am inspired by God/Goddess who provides for all my needs.

What is success? It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you are on a spiritual path, success may look very different from a person who is a Wall Street trader.

We are all being asked to examine our values and this Full Moon highlights that process.

Signs like almost everything, exist in a world of polarity, thus they have 'light' and 'dark' sides. Rio Olesky would call this 'centered' and 'uncentered'. Sometimes it is easier to see the 'centered' aspect by looking at the 'uncentered' side. Rio has a great new book called A Manual for the Modern Mystic: How to Practice Being in the Presence of God. (see sidebar to purchase) I highly recommend it. This is how it is described on his website:

"This book discusses 12 universal laws, each one associated with a sign of the zodiac. Rio uses stories and personal anecdotes as well as quotes or references to mystics throughout history. He discusses ways of working with these laws to enhance spiritual growth and consciousness development."

He will be one of the speakers at Astrology Day March 17, 2012 in San Francisco. His talk entitled: The Upside of Downtimes sound fascinating. The website is

The uncentered, dark, or shadow side of Taurus is materialistic, simplistic and unwilling to change. I would add stubborn.  Uncentered Scorpio is manipulative, obsessive and unable to trust.

Perhaps it is time to see how our society has been operating from the Dark side for quite a long time. This Full Moon, thinning the veils between the visible and invisible can help us see the truth and then perhaps we can change it.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Scorpio New Moon October 26, 2011

As often happens, I don't remember in advance, then something comes up and I don't post the "moons" until they are over. But... what also often happens is that I get an inspiration during the "moon" that here is the New Moon download...

Went to see the most recent Harry Potter movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows II, which I think is the last one. I saw it at the bargain show which features films that are no longer in the main theater around the corner (for way too much money), but still sought after. But the timing was perfect, of course...New Moon in Scorpio! Something ends (after much drama of course) and you are left standing, bloodied, in the rubble ready for a new life. But what shall you do now? Indeed. Have you ever felt like that?

I sat up close, which I normally don't do, but this time I wanted to be totally immersed. When I walked out of the theater, I was dizzy and feeling like I was in an altered state. The sky was dark and light at the same time. It was around 5:15 pm and there was an imminent luminescence to it...kind of like a solar eclipse. I had the feeling that indeed, Lord Voldemort was dead and a new world was possible. I felt hope! A heaviness I had been carrying for a long time was suddenly gone. I felt a new world was/is possible.

My mind immediately edited "wait a minute, that was just a movie!" Or was it? The first Harry Potter book came out June 30, 1997. As they were released, they were a publishing phenomenon. Bookstores scheduled huge events anticipating the next release. People lined up in the street for hours to get them. There were religious leaders who banned them. Schools designed curricula around them. They had a huge effect on the collective psyche.

While in Salt Lake City in 2004, I read a headline story in the newspaper about how a local teacher had been having more success with his students after re-designing his curriculum in terms of Hogwarts. Chemistry is much more interesting when renamed "Potions".

Knitting became the latest rage...and has since diminished.

And how does this relate to Scorpio? The major theme of the series according to J.K. Rowling, "My books are largely about death. They open with the death of Harry's parents. There is Voldemort's obsession with conquering death and his quest for immortality at any price, the goal of anyone with magic. I so understand why Voldemort wants to conquer death. We're all frightened of it."

I would add power. Death and power, two major Scorpionic themes.

Read more about Harry Potter at the wikipedia entry here.

So just like Harry and his friends, here we are, the world is in ruins around us (literally true in much of the world) and this is a new day. What does the world you want to see look like? Do you want to reconstruct what has been destroyed? or create something totally new. It's up to you.

In general, New Moons are times of beginnings. The Fall Season is a time of completion, moving toward the time of going within. So how can we integrate these two energies? With the New Moon in Scorpio, sign of death and rebirth, deep process and transformation, we can begin a process of reviewing the recent past to determine what progress we have made in our personal goals, investigate ways we could improve our 'performance', then develop a strategy for making changes.

We might realize we need more education or training, or that we need to start an exercise program, or change our eating habits. This process could take the next few months, but by Spring, we should be totally on board with it. This might seen as a 'retrograde' time in which we review, re-evaluate, re-frame.... integrating what worked, releasing what doesn't, so that we are ready for 2012.

It is very important that we listen for guidance and with Neptune going direct in two weeks, Spirit is readily available to provide it. The veils are thin and getting thinner. Many societies honor this time of the year with ceremony and ritual. All Soul's Eve, Halloween, Dia de los Muertos are just a few. This is the time when the Shadow dances in the street.

According to Stephanie Austin, "Our shadow holds not only our less desirable qualities, but also anything that has been repressed--our gifts, our truth, our light. When we identify with one side of a polarity, we unconsciously project its opposite outward, imprisoning ourselves in separation and suffering."

Time to work towards wholeness by embracing and accepting all parts of ourselves. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. What this means to me is that our past traumas may become the source of our highest inspiration.

I have been called to write a book. After many years and suggestions by many friends and acquaintances, I have surrendered to doing it. Many topics have run through my mind... my interests and travels, but the one topic that probably has most value is the one I have avoided talking about. Few people who know me, know this part of my life, but.... I think it has therapeutic value, so I am going to do it.

Just today, I had another message from Source that this is the topic. It concerns healing from the trauma of domestic violence. Still a taboo topic, even here in the 'enlightened' west.

With my Sun in Gemini in the 10th house, and my South Node in Scorpio conjunct Chiron in the 3rd house...North Node in Taurus in the 9th, I feel that my ultimate healing from this part of my life, will come with the telling of my story.

Dr. Christiane Northrup says, "All healing comes from the story you tell yourself." But, I also think you have to tell your story to others, both to heal yourself, and to help them heal themselves. Silence resulting from shame or fear of rejection, causes trauma to fester becoming more damaging. It becomes more and more toxic.

Out in the light of day the trauma has less power over us... like bringing the vampires into the sunshine. They shrivel and die, losing their hold over their victims and finally being put to rest. Our hidden secrets of abuse, like vampires which come out at night and disturb our sleep, keeping us hyped up and stressed out, cannot live when brought into the limelight of Truth.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Full Moon in Aries - October 2011: Learning from the Slime Molds

This Full Moon lies on the 'relationship' axis - Aries/Libra - first/seventh houses. The first house and Aries, represents our relationship to ourselves ie our self-image whereas the seventh house and Libra represent relationships to others. Much of the discontent that is occurring in the world today is due to issues of self-image and relationship.

How so?

Capitalism and consumerism, which have led to destruction of the planet, flourish when people become convinced that they need something outside themselves to be okay. I want to emphasize SOMETHING. We DO need each other to survive. No question of that. BUT we don't need a new cell phone, car, pair of designer shoes.

By convincing us that we need stuff to be happy and acceptable, the advertising industry, at the service of corporations, has succeeded in making us weak, numb and/or addicted, so that we seek fulfillment by buying whatever they decide we need.

This is not by accident. It was by design. The advertising industry was employed by the government after the Great Depression to bolster consumer confidence, so that rather than holding on to their money, people would begin to spend again. Our economy and that of the world now in a 'global economy' depends on constant growth. Much like cancer, it cannot live unless it continues to expand.

Prior to the Depression, they worked on the hearts and minds of recent immigrants. Rather, they worked on the children of immigrants, encouraging them to buy stuff in order to appear modern and more American. Those teenagers, like those of today, were susceptible too. They were taught to reject their parents, traditions: religious and cultural, and thus become more part of the 'melting pot'. In other words, lose your history and individuality to 'fit-in better'.

This trend led to alienation from the matrix of family, religion, culture, resulting in 'the nuclear family', an isolated, independent entity that does not exist anywhere in the animal kingdom. Oh yes, did we forget that we, too, are animals? We cannot live in isolation. The nuclear family led to increased domestic violence, child-abuse, incest and many of the psychological traumas that we suffer from.

While we are encouraged to think in terms of 'abundance' especially in New Age movements, many of the resources of the Earth, such as water and land, are finite. There is a lot, but it is not infinite. Use it up, poison and pollute it and it is destroyed for centuries, perhaps forever. Constant growth is unnatural. Nature manifests in cycles of birth, growth, death and decay. Each part of the process leads to the next. Even decay feeds the next cycle - the rationale behind composting.

So, back to this Full Moon. Relationship is among the lessons we are here to learn on planet Earth. Libra is usually considered the sign of balance and harmony. What it really means is that these are the lessons to be learned. Balance can only occur between equals.

Our Bill of Rights says: all men are created equal. A condescension really. What it doesn't say is: while you may be created equal, the State, its policies, and the system that results from those policies, will make sure that you are neither born equal nor that you will ever have an equal shot at the brass ring.

While we are taught that this country was founded on religious freedom, make no mistake, this country was actually founded on the ambitions of the growing capitalists who wanted the freedom from the old entrenched social systems of Europe where kings and traditional elites, including those of the Church would not allow merchants turned capitalists to prosper beyond a certain level. Those who created this country wanted to freedom to exploit the resources of the newly discovered lands, without taxation or regulation by kings, etc. They sugar-coated it by including 'religious freedom'. The new religion of the founding fathers was capitalism.

So here we are. Occupy XXXXX! For the first time ever, people are realizing that we are unified on an issue that affects us all...or at least 99% of us. WE are all suffering the effects of the economic meltdown. All except the 1% for whom there is nothing going on. They are not even experiencing a blip. Rather than red states, blue states; radical or conservative; Christian or Pagan...We are seeing that we are ALL losing.

With Saturn conjunct the Sun in Libra right now, we are changing the structure of our consciousness to include the Other, realizing that we are all ONE - even in our diversity.

Even slime molds know this. Composed of individual cells which can exist completely on their own, they unite when necessary for survival. Once they have solved their problems, they revert to their separate existences. They have survived threats that resulted in mass extinctions for most other species. Can slime molds be more intelligent that US the great human race? Let's use this opportunity to go beyond the "distinctions and differences that divide" to unify behind the banner of 'Occupy Wall Street' and any other street that keeps us in fear, separation and despair.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Time for Deep Listening - Fall Equinox

At the beginning of September, I spent a week in the Catskills at the Deep Memory Process Level 1 training with Patricia Walsh and Kim Marie (Evolutionary Astrology Network). Patricia wrote the incredible book: "Understanding Karmic Complexes: Evolutionary Astrology and Regression Therapy". (See book in sidebar)

Planned months in advance, it was almost cancelled due to flooding in the town of Windham, NY and nearby areas. The river that runs through Windham was swollen to flood levels by Hurricane Irene and the breaking of a dam. The town received 15 feet of water and many homes and businesses were destroyed. They had cleaned up the roads enough so that we could get there.

The Windham Retreat Center was spared since it sits up on a hill above the river. The whole time we were there investigating and re-experiencing our past lives and the traumatic deaths we had suffered which had left
scars on our souls, emergency vehicles, National Guard, FEMA personnel and all the able-bodied local men, worked day and night to restore order around us. There was an 8pm curfew, but nowhere to go at night anyway, since it had all been either destroyed or seriously affected by the water. We were isolated. I saw it as an oasis of the light of consciousness in a desert of the darkness of ignorance.

While we screamed and kicked ourselves out of the restricting cocoons of past life traumas, trucks filled with
debris whizzed around us down on the roads below. One night thunder and lightning echoed our wails and shouts. High drama!

While most of us at the training are moving toward creating a new world, those around us were doing all they could to restore the old. Clearly, life as we knew it was over, but rather than embracing the changes and seeking new solutions, people were trying to re-establish what they knew - security.

I kept hearing these words:

“Sit, be still, and listen,
because you're drunk
and we're at
the edge of the roof.” ― Rumi

I wanted to tell people it might be better to sit down and contemplate building a whole new world, rather than to rush into reviving the old, worn-out paradigm. They were merely prolonging the life of something bound to die, like putting someone on life support for an indeterminate amount of time who had suffered brain damage. Why? because of fear of the unknown. I could imagine them just sitting down amidst the rubble realizing that things were never going to be the same, and being okay with that. Taking the time to think about how they could truly change their lives rather than rushing ahead to rebuild the cage of consensus reality.
A new world is possible, but not if we spend our time shoring up the old.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Full Moon in Aquarius - August 13, 2011

Full Moon again. Didn't we just have one? Seems like things are going faster and faster. Does that mean I'm getting old? With all that is going on... I'm late in posting this. However, since the effects of the Full Moon operate for awhile, it is still relevant.

This Full Moon in Leo is especially potent. Venus and Mercury are conjunct the Sun, while Neptune retrograde is conjunct the Moon. In addition, Mars opposes Pluto, which is square to Uranus, making a T Square and ultimately a Grand Cross is you bring in Saturn. Whew!

Now tell me this, there is nothing going on here on Earth that mirrors all this activity in the Sky. The sky picture indicates huge, transformational changes which any look at the news will validate. Uranus (revolution/freedom) square Pluto (transformation/rebirth) and Mars (the will to make it happen).

All these changes are not only happening 'in the world' but also inside us. Although many of us tend to focus more on the external than the internal, I suggest you take the time to see what is going on 'in your world'.

I have a strong sense of optimism that many would see as foolish. I truly believe and am living from the perspective, that anything is possible. I refuse to be dragged down by the forces of doom and gloom, because the more we buy into what they are saying, the more we strengthen them. We feed them when we
accept what they say as the truth. I choose to feed joy, optimism, creativity, imagination. I feel happier than I've been in a long time and see my world improving day by day. Since 'my world' radiates out from me...I see everything improving.

Now, more than ever, your capacity to imagine the world you want to live in is crucial. See yourself living the life you want for yourself and others. Rather than worrying about dire circumstances, use the power of your thought to manifest the positive. What have you got to lose? At least you will be generating positive energy rather than negative and that in itself produces better outcomes.

The 'revolution' within, known in Islam as the Greater Jihad, is more difficult because it requires that you first imagine that another way of thinking and being is possible. We think we are stable and that the world around us is changing. But notice how different YOU are when everything is going the way you want, when you are in love, when you receive good news etc. then contrast that with how you feel when you are afraid, jealous,
angry, tired, sick. You are not always the same. Your thoughts and emotions are constantly in flux. In fact, your inner state is more changeable than anything else in your life.Gurdjieff said that in fact, there is no 'I' inside you but hundreds of 'I's' competing for the stage. Spiritual work such as meditation and observation helps you see the many 'I's' so that at least you can know who is speaking at any given time.

Don't believe this? Just try to quit smoking. The 'I' who wants to stop smoking doesn't know the one
who needs a cigarette right now and in fact, thinks you deserve to have one because you have been so good and have not smoked for a whole day. Or you start dieting, then because you lost 2 pounds, you think it is okay to have 'only a small bag' of chips as a reward.

This happens to everyone all the time. Observation is the first step and a very important one. It is also true that once you begin to see the chaos within, you could get depressed about it. But remember, this is the human condition.

With the Sun conjunct Venus and Mercury right now, we have the added benefit of Love, Harmony and Beauty (Venus) and the Messenger of the Gods (Mercury) to bring our dreams into focus and send them out into the world.

Have a Happy Life!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Moon in Leo - July 30, 2011

Once again we are in the time of the New Moon - a time of new beginnings. With things changing as rapidly as they are, some of us are not necessarily wanting anything new...Let's just keep what we have for awhile!

Yet, this New Moon in Leo conjunct Venus, trine Uranus - combines Creativity and Love with Values. Innovation and Courage to put our Creations out into the world. We have the energy now to create what we love and care most about. Take some time to think about what is most important to you, but don't just think about it - DO SOMETHING!!!

For me, one flower can brighten my day, or the sound of a certain bird that only sings early in the morning and at dusk and only during the early Summer. I don't know where that bird goes the rest of the year, but it is only here at these specific times.

I know this because I have lived in the same house now for 17 years and am finally becoming familiar with the beings I share this land with. Recently I have been thinking about selling my house, using to money to
improve my daily life. But then I heard that bird. I knew that I would lose that if I moved into town. What is the value of that bird song to me? It soothes my heart, brightens my soul. Priceless.

Can I create what I need right here so that I don't have to move? This New Moon in Leo conjunct Venus challenges us to find ways to create what we love and value. If not now, when? We have nothing to lose. we need to just go for it.

Today it seems that we base our self worth on not who we are but what we much money, how much stuff. we feel we are failures if we have not 'succeeded' in achieving financial stability or wealth. With all that is occurring with the economy these days, there are few who are 'successful' or stay that way for long. Even those who once had it all are losing it.

The challenge is to not take it way or the other. We forget that 'we' are a drop in the ocean.. no better or worse than any other drop.

Often our success or failure depends on the decision of another person over whom we have no control. We get the fantastic job or we get laid off and our lives are affected deeply. We think we 'did' something.

The shadow of Leo is taking credit for everything. Thinking we are all powerful and that we are entitled to special treatment. The Pluto in Leo generation, now seniors, is really having a hard time with this. Some of us think that we deserve to have it all even if we did not put in the effort to have it. I am so grateful for the social security check I get each month. I marvel at it really. At the same time, I look at my circumstances and ask myself "How did this happen?" It's like I woke up one day shocked at my situation.

For me, this is the 'proof' of karma. There is no other explanation. Our past lives DO affect our present.
However, I have also found that any work done in the present to heal the past, has repercussions forward and backward in time. We heal not only our present life, but all that has come before and all that will follow.

The healing occurs in an instant. The work to facilitate that healing can take years. And yet it is worth it.

In September I will begin the training in Deep Memory Process (DMP) created by Roger Woolger, facilitated by Patricia Walsh. I have sacrificed a lot to be able to do this training.

Right now I am searching for ways to pay for the airline ticket. I have paid for the training in New York and need to fly there in one month. As of this moment, I don't have the money for the ticket.

Some would say this is an extravagance I cannot afford. I have prayed and meditated over it and I am certain that I am called to do this work. My entire life has been leading me to this. Like all pilgrimages, there are
challenges and dangers. I was recently diagnosed with Lyme Disease and am currently in treatment for it. I was experiencing the worst pain of my life. I knew it was part of the shamanic healing process and that it is 'now or never'. I must heal my past life traumas. I must finally deal with my issues so that I am totally available to help others through these difficult times.

More and more people are coming to me for answers. My astrology and flower essence practice is growing. I cannot afford NOT to go to this training.

I am seeking donations for my airline ticket.If you are wiling to donate, go to Paypal, enter my email address and give a personal gift. Any amount would be appreciated. I must raise around $800.00 in a week. I trust Spirit to take care of it for me.

I love this quote from Clarissa Pinkola Estes taken from the Mountain Astrologer, June/July 2011 issue:
"One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul. Soul on deck shines like gold in dark times. The light of the soul throws sparks, can send up flares, builds signal fires, causes proper matters to catch fire. To display the lantern of soul in shadowy times like these--to be fierce and to show mercy toward others; both are acts of immense bravery and greatest necessity."


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Capricorn Full Moon July 14/15, 2011

Capricorn, ruled by Saturn represents slow, deliberate and planned action. Representing paternal energy and naturally opposed to maternal - Cancer...this Full Moon is a sort of reversal. That is, the Moon (ruler of Cancer/mother) is in Capricorn, whereas the Sun (another 'male' symbol) is in Cancer.
No wonder we are confused!

In Evolutionary Astrology, this axis is featured in gender shifts... the idea being that through time we will all experience both the genders so as to achieve balance.

While I long awaited the summer light and heat after what seemed like an endless wet and cold winter under the redwoods, I find myself so lethargic I can't get anything done. I see myself lying on a beach chair next to a swimming pool, with an umbrella'd bright pink cocktail on the low lying table beside me. I know some people actually get to do that. Not a care in the world.

Capricorn also represent authority. Who has the authority in your life? The word authority contains the word 'author'. So we can say it this way - who is the author of your life story? You or someone else? The shadow side of Capricorn is domination and control.

By contrast, the other side of the axis, also highlighted in this Full Moon, is Cancer. Cancer is a relational sign dealing with home and family ties, nurturing. The shadow side of Cancer is over-dependence on others and blaming others for the failures in your life.

Do we give others credit for our successes? We tend to think we succeed by our efforts alone, but others ruin us. Interesting. We need to work on balance. Realizing our connections to others and how we need each other, but also taking responsibility for our actions and have the courage to act alone when appropriate.

The Capricorn/Cancer axis truly reflects the relationship between outer and inner worlds. Our life in the world - career (10th house Capricorn) and our inner life - home (4th house Cancer). With the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn, this theme is highlighted.

In this culture (a Cancerian word) we tend to be oriented to the outer - who we are in the world, how others see us, what we do, etc., but this reversal - Moon in Capricorn/Sun in Cancer might be a good time to see that they are connected. One reflects the other. 'Right livelihood' is grounded in a healthy relationship to one's inner nature.

For too long, we have been encouraged to 'leave our feelings at home' when we go to work. This allows people to do inhuman things while on the job. We are seeing the effects of that all around us. I have often asked myself,  "Don't the guys who manufacture weapons ever wonder if their own children will be harmed by them? Don't the polluters of water and air think they will get cancer? Do they think their money and profits will save them?" The excuse: "I was only following order" is no excuse anymore. When I was a child and told my mother I wanted what other kids at school had. I wanted to fit in. She would always say,"If they jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge, would you want to do it too?" This is another way of saying, "I was only following orders."

Who's is in charge here? Isn't this YOUR life?

More and more we know that our world is interconnected. "We are all Japanese" is something Dennis Bernstein on KPFA has been saying since the nuclear disaster in Japan. We are all suffering the effects of the radiation that is being released from all these nuclear disasters going on. To think otherwise is foolish.

Everything is moving faster and faster. We need to stay centered within our own being. There are many techniques we can use to do so: meditation, yoga, breath practices, tai chi, or even long distance running. It is not only recommended, it is crucial if we are to navigate these times.

We can see that the so-called 'authories' have no idea what they are doing. They are neither experts nor competent. Why listen to them? Time to be the author of your one precious life.

Stephanie Austin in The Mountain Astrologer refers to the Sabian symbols for this Full Moon in this way: (They) accept the need for both cooperative efforts and individual courage. For the Sun at 23 Cancer: "The meeting of a literary society." For the Moon at 23 Capricorn: "A soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat." We live in extraordinary times, which call for exceptional courage and compassion. If you are feeling overwhelmed or exhausted, spend time in nature -- by water, woods, wherever you feel nurtured or inspired.

We are in the midst of a collective spiritual initiation: "If the initiation holds, we never go back to the old forms or the old reality; we are now incapable of doing so. We have been reconstituted so that we can live now in this different universe, or entire system attuned to a different set of laws." (Deena Metzger)"

Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1, 2011 Cancer Solar Eclipse

Here we are in the midst of another eclipse. July 1, 2011 a New Moon Solar Eclipse and a Grand Cross involving Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Libra, Uranus in Aries and the Sun and Moon in Cancer.

Cancer is the sign of home, family, nurturing, the cultural matrix in which we currently live and the one we were born into. Natural ruler of the fourth house and ruled by the Moon, it is generally associated with the Mother or the primary nurturer in our childhood, which may have been our Father or even another male.

At the 'bottom' of the chart, it is the basis of our consciousness: foundational, innate and often unconscious.
I am feeling paralyzed with exhaustion. It is blazing hot and although I was supposed to be at the Rohnert Park Farmer's Market, the thought of getting in the car and driving one more place became overwhelming, so I decided to nurture myself and stay home.

I have been working with more and more people lately and often self-nurturing is something they neglect. Somehow we feel that we must force ourselves to do things because of someone else, but what about us? Who will take care of us if we don't do it ourselves?

Sometimes we have not learned self-care because of the selfishness of those who raised us. They dragged us around with them on their shopping trips, socializing, etc., when we would have preferred doing something else. If we rebelled, we got punished. We were not allowed to be ourselves or express ourselves, so now as adults, we don't know who we are. We are lost unless someone is 'directing our play'.

Yesterday I decided to go to the de Young Museum in San Francisco to see the Balenciaga exhibit, which ends this weekend. I knew it might prove to be exhausting and it was, primarily because it took 3 hours to drive home. I forgot that for most people, this is a holiday weekend and everyone was headed out of the the Bay Area/SF to destinations north.

It was worth it, however. It was marvelous to see all the gowns, suits, hats etc. that were popular when I was a young woman. Most of those at the exhibit were women - my age and older and it was fun to listen to their stories about the prom dress they had that was like this or that dress in the exhibit. Two unrelated women told me how they used to make their own clothes (as I did) and that their favorite fabric was pique. I, too, loved pique. They don't even make it anymore.

I realize I was honoring my Venus in Cancer which is currently conjunct this Eclipse! My natal Venus went
retrograde by progression when I was around 4 and direct when I was around 47! No wonder my 'love life' was so challenging. In the past year, I have reconnected through Facebook with some of my former partners.

It has truly been a healing experience. An opportunity for me complete karma and move into Present Time.

With Pluto opposing this eclipse moving into a square with Uranus in Aries we are in for even more challenges. Eclipses are portals between dimensions. This portal in Cancer provides us with insights about what we need to nurture ourselves and those around us during this time of intense transformation.

Do we need to sleep more, change what or how much we eat? Drink more water? Spend more time with loved ones? Or do we get our nurturing in nature? Living in the woods as I do... near to a vacation destination, I watch the cars driving in on holiday weekends, realizing "I don't have to go anywhere. I live here!" While this area has its challenges.... possible flooding, long periods of being damp and cold etc. I am blessed to see green out of every window all year round! I know that I need green.

Take this opportunity to find out what you really need. What nurtures you, renews you, enlightens your being.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse - June 15, 2011

So here we go into another eclipse, the second of three during this season. This one is a lunar eclipse the other two are solar eclipses. It will be in Sagittarius on June 15.

Some astrologers say that the eclipses that occurred while one was in the womb affect the entire life. For me, there was a solar eclipse just 3 weeks before I was born - in Taurus, close to my North Node in Taurus in the 9th house.I have devoted my life to the study of languages (Gemini Sun), cultures and religions (Pisces Moon).

I was ordained as an Interfaith minister through the Sufi Ruhaniat International after lifetimes of training. I have been on my pilgrimage journeys with spiritual teachers to Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Crete, Mexico and India and in each place experienced past-life memories.

In general, eclipses are portals through which souls come in and leave the planet. But they are also portals for those who know how to use them, moving to other dimensions at will. This is increasingly available now with Neptune in Pisces and as we approach 2012.

One of the requirements for 'time and space travel' is that we are able to be totally in the present. Fantasizing or reminiscing indicate that our minds are out of control. While they both can be pleasant (or terrifying depending on what we are imagining), they are most often passively achieved. That is...they happen to us. It takes some effort to stay present. You have to learn to control thought.

A daily practice of meditation can assist in developing the mind-control muscle. Learning to stop thoughts (written about by Carlos Castaneda in the '60s book: The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui way of Knowledge) is a very effective way to stay in the present, in gratitude and out of fear.

The Maya, too, saw eclipses as powerful times and in the Dresden Codex there is a perpetual eclipse table that has been shown to be incredibly accurate.

A significant feature of this eclipse is that it is within 3 degrees of conjunction to the Galactic Center, the Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy...the ultimate portal. What we have then is a lining up of portals on at least two dimensions.

Mercury is conjunct the Sun and South Node in Gemini. As the messenger of the gods, Mercury (which is associated with our state of consciousness, communication and 'lower mind'), assists us in moving between dimensions. Often called the 'trickster' which I feel has a negative connotation, I see its role more as a shape-shifter, able to adjust to circumstances as needed. In order to communicate with beings on different dimensions, we may need to alter our form. This is not a bad thing, it is an accommodation for the sake of being better able to understand.

It is not enough to just speak louder when talking to a person who speaks a different language than ours...we have to speak their language. This often means we have to change our mindset. Some things are just not translatable. It is true that the categories of meaning are different in each language. The world view of someone living in dense jungle must necessarily be different than someone raised in the Sahara. Think about it! This is why travel is so enlightening. You find out that not everyone thinks like a person from San Francisco, California, USA. Ha ha!

The North Node is also within orb of the GC and the eclipse and shows us where we collectively need to be moving. Where it occurs in your chart shows where you can be aiming the centaur's arrow for yourself.

North Node in Sagittarius - in general represents Higher Mind, Truth with a big T, and the search for it. Philosophy, Religion and Spirituality. Higher Educations. Ruled by Jupiter, the grand guru of the universe - the teacher. It also represents travel on long journeys inner or outer, pilgrimage, foreign lands and cultures.

I think we are coming into a period where we see all earth beings as part of one family of man/woman. Diverse and united. The many and the one. We are called to travel on different dimensions now - the macro and the micro. Perhaps beyond this Universe.

It is time to stop fighting and learn to work together for the good of all. Otherwise, we will all go down.

The numerous natural and man-made disasters we have been experiencing lately should be waking us up to the dire situation we are in. The corporations keep us distracted from what we really need to focus on so that they can continue making money as the ship goes down. With Jupiter in Taurus we need to find what is really important and work to nurture and sustain it. Jupiter in Taurus for the next year will be teaching us what really matters for the survival of the Earth and its inhabitants. We have to start looking at our kinship with animals and plants, without whom we cannot live.

Taurus an earth sign is ruled by Venus. It deals with the earthly comforts: food, shelter, clothing (as protection from heat and cold), pleasure, love, and other resources we need to sustain life. Many of these things have been taken for granted here in the West and now that they are threatened by the economic downturn, we realize that we cannot live the way we want without them. "It's hard to be spiritual when you are worried about paying the rent."

Many of us are being forced to whittle down our lives to what is absolutely necessary. The challenge is to see that we are more than our stuff and that our 'value' as a person is more than how much money we make. In Alice in Wonderland the caterpillar asks Alice "who are you?" and so I (as the resident caterpillar of this blog) now as you the same question: "WHO ARE YOU?"

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Full Moon in Scorpio - May 17, 2011

Last weekend I was supposed to participate in a Health Fair Sampler with Songbird Community Healing Center. I was going to offer flower essence readings and promote my classes and readings.

I woke up with a lot of resistance, my knee still aching, and my energy low. I thought about how little money I have been making at shows and events lately as people seem less willing to part with their declining funds.

On the other hand, I had not paid for the booth and so would lose nothing, except the gas to get there, even if I made nothing. I went through the usual inner conversation of 'yes and no' - which doesn't seem to get better, despite my efforts.

At some point, a new idea popped in, probably because I have been meditating more lately. Why not see it not as a chance to make money, but rather as a time to have fun. View it as a party I was invited to, a chance to see my friends and meet new people. This way, I didn't need to make money because it was a social activity.

Amazingly, this gave me renewed energy to get ready and go.

Let me say that this was the most financially successful day I have had in months! I scheduled and was paid for a reading and sold aromatherapy products. Effortlessly, I had made 4X what I had hoped I would make! I felt like a miracle had happened. In a sense, it had.

This showed me something very important which relates to this Full Moon in Scorpio, which asks that we shift the way we do things. By viewing the show as 'work' it became drudgery like many of the jobs I have had in my life.

I got into making herbal products and giving astrology readings because I loved it. I had made into to a chore by "needing to make money" at it. When I shifted my attitude, my energy changed. This, of course, is related to the Law of Attraction. People were willing to give me their resources (money) because they liked the energy I was radiating.

Many agree that things are falling apart and shifting. Rather than scrambling to rebuild the old and replace the outworn, let's use this as an opportunity to create and manifest our bliss.

Many years ago I worked at a women's shelter. Despite the fact that every one's life had been led them to their current circumstances, all were doing everything they could to restore that dysfunctional life minus their abuser. No one saw the whole pattern, their role in the dysfunction, the fact that it was their attitudes about themselves and the world that had, in part, created the scenario they found themselves in. No one saw they had to change everything, including themselves. I used to encourage them to see their stay in the shelter as the greatest opportunity they might ever have to totally change their lives. Some wanted to believe me, but feared the unknown. They opted for the security they knew, despite the fact that it led to misery. Of course, some did manage to make improvements, but most just changed the particulars, not the causes.

Let us not make the same mistake. If you find yourself with more time on your hands, why not use it to do inner work? Read, meditate, walk, work in your garden. Change your patterns. What else do you have to do? Perhaps, with this opening in your life, you will create something even better than that job you resented every day. One thing that all this proves is that there is no such thing as 'security' except that which comes from within.

I love this quote Stephanie Austin offers this month from Joseph Campbell:
"The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the Universe, to match your nature with Nature."

By the way, my class Ek'Waynal, the Galactic Center and 2012 is now available on CD. This narrated slide show connects the end of the Mayan calendar, the alignment with the Galactic Center and astrological events. How does the ingress of Neptune in Pisces relate to 2012? Go to my Maya and 2012 blog to purchase.

Monday, May 2, 2011

New Moon in Taurus May 2011

New Moon in Taurus. Five planets in Aries including Venus, how might we look at this combination? Aries initiates, Taurus makes it real. Fire and Earth. Active and Passive.
Business as usual is not an option anymore. Whether we like it or not, our lives are changing. Better to let go than to try to cling to the past. Discomfort is actually lessened by 'going with the flow' than by resisting stubbornly.

I was speaking to a woman yesterday with a stellium in Cancer, opposed by Pluto in Capricorn. She indicated that her life was falling apart and that she had no idea what to do, and yet, she was closed and dismissive. It was one of those 'yes, but' situations.

She would ask for my thoughts on her situation, but would not listen to my response. After a few exchanges of this nature, I decided to stop playing her game, seeing how much I was attached to 'trying to help'. I asked her how she had dealt with issues in the past and she said she had never had any difficulties until now.

On the one hand I thought her fortunate that her life had been so perfect until now, but I also saw that she had no practice in dealing with challenges.

If you feel your life has always been difficult, consider yourself lucky. You know how to survive tough times. Your survival muscles are well-developed and you know options exist, even if you can't yet see them. Just that knowledge puts you ahead of the game.

Aries advises that we DO something rather than thinking too much. As for what to do, Taurus New Moon suggests that we act in accordance with our values. What do you love? What brings you joy? What do you care about?

We have been made to believe by society that money is of utmost importance and that without it we are powerless. Remember that human beings lived for millenia without money.

Stephanie Austin in the Mountain Astrologer asks the question: "If you had one year to live, how would you spend it? What were your childhood dreams?"

I suggest you take a little time during this New Moon to consider these questions and then move forward on the path that reveals itself.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Astrology Day 2011 SF

Despite the pouring rain, the early hour and the fact that I still had a cold hanging on...I made it to the 2011 Astrology Day event in San Francisco. Thankfully, I had made arrangements to get a ride, so I didn't even have to drive and sharing expenses 3 ways, bringing my lunch and the fact that they had no books for sale (ha! ha!) made it even better.
My favorite talk was the keynote address by Steven Forrest titled: "Bring on the Human Future" He covered Uranus square Pluto, Jupiter opposing Saturn, the Cardinal Cross and as usual, did not pull any punches. Said it straight, but as also usual, with humor and humanity. Forrest is a master of saying even the hardest stuff in a way that makes it palatable, even funny.

He said that with all the hard astrological challenges, its easy to forget Neptune, which will go into its own sign, Pisces on April 4. Neptune is one of the BIG PLAYERS in the astrological game too! But Neptune's message is so different from all the rest that is happening.

Neptune's cycle is 165 years long, so Neptune remains in a sign for 13/14 years. Forrest said that during this transit, "escapism will be raised to an art form" and that "virtual reality will provide an easy escape from a
worsening reality". On the other hand he said, "there will be a massive leap in consciousness", and that "the angels will notice that even the most hard-hearted people will have moments when they are gazing at a rose
in wonder." We will be in the "collective well of magic", and that we will all have greater metaphysical experiences," no matter who we are. This sound great to me!

He went on to give a brief history of Neptune in Pisces in human culture, saying that typically during Neptune in Aquarius, "the magic drained out of the metaphor" and the old systems were dry and empty. Because the people were starving, the ground was fertile  for a new message. The Qur'an speaks of this in the same way. "We sent a messenger from among you..."

When Neptune went into Pisces, what often happened was that there was "a visitation of energy" and a new "(spiritual) teacher appeared with the juice bringing in magic and transformation". He equates this to returning
"back to the Well of Life". But he also quoted someone as having said: "Religion makes good people better and bad people worse." So there you are.

According to the Dalai Lama, "the world is drunk on anger", and Forrest says there is one thing on which ALL people of the world including Sara Palin (not sure if it's spelled right and I don't really care) and any terrorist would agree: "everything sucks and it cannot continue like this!" ha! ha! so true....I love Steven Forrest!!

We can certainly see that we are at a log jam, everything seems to be falling apart and most of us feel a loss of meaning in life. Forrest says that at times like these, the Universe will answer and there will be a spiritual renewal.

He says that this past year when the movie, Avatar came out, correlated to when Jupiter made a short ingress into Pisces before going retrograde back into Aquarius. It reminded people of the time when we were connected to Nature and to each other on a deep psychic level. It touched that memory within us. Forrest mentioned an article in Psychology Today, January 2010, (which I have yet to read, but will look for) that says there was a high incidence of suicidal thought reported in the population as people realized what they had lost and thought gone forever.

This was a taste of what is coming. Forrest said that Neptune's ingress into Pisces on April 4 for four months, before it turns retrograde then direct again, will give us a preview of what we will be experiencing for the next 14 years.

I think we will go through a period of deep grieving - which has already begun - for the death and destruction that has been wrought by our human greed, ignorance, jealousy, possessiveness and insensitivity. We need to
do this. We need to mourn the dead. We need to cry out in anguish. We cannot stuff it and cover it up with drugs, alcohol or any other pain-killer. We need to feel this pain so that we will know we are still human
beings with hearts. As the Sufis say...."the Sufi is the one with a broken heart". Only when we have admitted what we have done, will this thing be over and we can begin to heal and change. This is the basis of all therapy, AA groups, confession etc. We have to take responsibility for the pain we have caused others.

Another presenter at Astrology Day, Ralfee Finn, got us all in tears when she showed the picture of that little dog who stayed with his dog friend until he could get help. She labeled the picture "The Hero", showing us
the model of what we need to aspire to - love, service, - whatever it takes to help our fellow beings in need. Here's link to that video. Not sure if will work, but you can try.

Neptune's 'power' on the collective and on the personal level is most potent when it is in it's own sign. If you have Pisces in the your 12th house, lucky you! You will get the maximum benefit of Neptune in Pisces!

In general, Neptune dissolves whatever it touches.... often leading to confusion and a sense of being lost.
Neptune deals with the realm of the invisibles and connects us to the Infinite, the Source of being. It is the planet of mystics and artists, musicians, poets, dreamers. It rules the imagination, the dream world.
For those who love this part of life, it is delightful. For those who fear it, it is strange, uncomfortable and unreal.

It is amazing to me how this corresponds to the end date of the Mayan Long Count calendar period of 5,125 years. In the Popol Vuh, the Creation myth of the Maya, the world has been created and destroyed by the Gods, who originally created beings so that they could be praised. Each creation failed to do so, partly because in the form they were in, they could not. It can be viewed as a set up because they were destroyed due to something they were incapable of doing: could not praise because they could not talk for example.

However, our form has the ability to praise and yet it does not, because it 'forgets' or 'looses interest', 'gets
distracted by life', whatever. So...we could be destroyed. Perhaps we, too, are not capable of praising God.

By the way, the Aztec stories say this creation ends by 'movement' that is, earthquake.

If what has been going on in the world has not gotten your attention, you are indeed beyond the pale. How many people have prayed lately who have not ever prayed in their lives? How many have cried at the sight of dead people, whales, birds, dogs, children? God/Gods are doing whatever they can to wake us up to the spiritual side of life, which actually lies at the base of everything.

Another interesting thing in the Mayan story is that Creation comes from the 'watery world below' which is seen at the night sky when the worlds are reversed - and is often depicted as the sea and its creatures. This
corresponds to the first presentation entitled "2011 and Beyond: A Brave New World Emerging from the Sea", by Dale O'Brien.

Last, but not least, the one text we have which speaks directly about the up coming completion of 13 baktuns (12/21/2012) says that the nine gods (the nine lords of the night) will descend (from the night sky - read watery world - read ocean) to the place of transformation (a type of sweat house). The rest of the text is either missing or destroyed.

My guess is that we will have a visitation from beyond that will assist us in our evolution to the next level.  As Ralfee Finn said, "not everyone succeeds on the hero's journey. Some don't survive the descent. Some are

My feeling is that ultimately, we will all make the hero's journey, survive it and come back with our gift. Maybe not in this lifetime, but eventually, just because we were created. That is the proof. There are
those who don't want to do the inner work this time. That's okay. This is where FREE WILL comes in.

For more on 2012 go see my Maya blog

For more on the conference and healing go see my herb blog.

A great explanation of Neptune Transits through the houses can be found at Cafe Astrology

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Full Moon in Virgo - March 19, 2011

Many of us will be attending the International Astrology Day events in San Francisco this coming Saturday. It is the day before the Spring Equinox and the day of another Power Full Moon.
The second of six SuperMoons this year, it will exert a stronger pull on the Earth's oceans, tectonic plates and energy grids than 'normal' Full Moons. Not exactly what we need right now!

A psychic I know said the west coast of California could have a huge earthquake between March 19 and 27. Apparently, California is on the other side of the same fault that caused the recent earthquake in Japan.

Another element of this upcoming Full Moon is that the alignment of the Earth's equator with the Sun at the equinox causes a reduction of the Earth's magnetic field, which according to Stephanie Austin, "facilitates switching channels and increasing access to higher dimensions and new information".

Since this Full Moon (opposition of the Sun and Moon) is square the nodal axis (currently in Sagittarius and Gemini), we have a Grand Cross - the the Sagittarius NN conjunct the Galactic Center. The Galactic Center is a black hole at the center of our galaxy. It is a super transmitter of energy and radiation which effects the electromagnetic field of the Earth. So we have two conditions which could shift our magnetic field, not to mention whatever effects were caused by this recent huge earthquake.

I have discussed the meaning of the Galactic Center a bit here and on my 2012 blog.

Equinoxes are considered cosmic gateways by many ancient cultures. Spring and Fall Equinoxes are when the Cosmic Serpent at Chichen Itza moves down the sides of El Castillo and slithers off to his home in the Underworld via the portal of the Sacred Cenote. Hope to be there this September.

This Full Moon occurs at the final degrees of Pisces and Virgo, potent degrees as we are challenged to 'get the message' of the sign before the planetary body moves on.

So what are we to do? Nothing. There is nothing to DO. It is time to BE! Rather than be a human doing, become a human being. Being occurs when live in our hearts. As we get better at staying in our heart, then no matter what happens, it will be okay.

The Sabian symbols for this Full Moon are potent.
Sun 29 degrees of Pisces - "Light breaking into many colors as it passes through a prism."
Moon 29 degrees of Virgo - "A seeker after occult knowledge is reading an ancient scroll which illumines his mind."

Kim Marie of the Evolutionary Astrology Network suggests that we pray for all those who have passed due to this earthquake and tsunami so that they can realize their situation and move on to the Light. Whenever there is a mass trauma like this with a huge loss of life, souls can be trapped because they get confused.

Now that we are moving towards Pisces in Neptune (April 4) the veils will be thinner. Perhaps these large numbers of people who have passed in the last couple of years are actually 'immigrants' to the new world - going ahead to prepare the next level for the rest of us. Maybe their soul contract included being emissaries to the new dimension.

It was a tragedy from our perspective, but we may not know the whole story. Because we are unable to accept a concept such as 'ascension', we have to have 'an earthquake' so that a large number of people could leave and their departure would fit into our paradigm.

If we shift our consciousness, we might just be able to ascend without blowing anything up first. We can leave without trauma. It's a naughty child who destroys his toys before he leaves so that no one else can play with them.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Astrology classes I am offering.

An Introduction to Astrology course offered at San Joaquin Delta College through Community Education on Monday nights starting March 7, 6:30-8:30pm for 6 weeks.
This is for beginners... the basics. Signs, houses, planets etc. Learn what are they talking about when they say "mercury retrograde" or "saturn return"? Go to their website to register.

At Songbird Community Healing Center in Cotati, CA

Pluto and the Evolution of the Soul a class which presents the basics of the evolutionary astrology method as created by Jeffrey Wolf Green. The focus is on Pluto and the Lunar Nodes. This is a stand-alone class, but, is the pre-requisite for the up-coming 4 week course - Pluto Through the Houses which starts in April.

The one day Pluto class is offered on Sunday, February 27 from 2-4pm, then again on Saturday, March 5 from 2-4pm. We plan to offer it one more time before the 4 week class begins.

The four week class Pluto Through the Houses will be On the first and third Saturday in April (2 and 16) and first and third Saturday in May (7 and 21). You must have taken the Pluto and the Evolution of the Soul to sign up for this.

You may take the whole 4 week course or just the part that pertains to you. There is a reduced fee for the entire course.

Register here on this blog or at the Songbird website.

Come in from the Cold - Full Moon in Leo February 18, 2011

I felt the pull and saw the light of the beginning of the Full Moon in Leo last night. For me it lasts for 3 days. One day before and one after the 'actual' day. Since I have a skylight in my bedroom, (it was there when I moved in), the light of the Full Moon, not to mention the energy, can keep me awake.
Coupled with the sound of the rain pounding overhead, I had a wakeful night. I found myself, once again, beginning the litany of concerns about this or that. Instead, I shifted my mind to counting my blessings. A warm cozy bed, a full stomach, a roof, my sweet little white cat Melody at the end of the bed, a peaceful life.

The world is upheaval. The revolution in Egypt was remarkable. I wonder if anyone noticed that a million plus people were out in the streets for nearly 3 weeks and there was no destruction of property and very little violence (except on the part of the government). The so-called down-trodden Muslim women in their headscarves, were shouting as loud as the men. This people's revolt would never, no could never happen here. We are too fat and happy.

Rather than demonstrating in the streets that we are not happy that the richest people in the country continue to make more money while people are without work, losing their homes, paying more for everything everyday.... we sit and watch T.V., drink our poisonous softdrinks and eat our GMO-based snacks.

Did you know that almost every type of prepared food has corn in it? In some form or another? Whether it be corn syrup to sweeten, cornstarch to make it seem creamy or hold it together. And that corn is all GMO. Did it ever occur to you that part of the modification might be designed to do something to you? (Sounds like a conspiracy. Now she's really becoming a nut job). Well, it's my blog and I can say what I want. Hmmm did anyone ever notice how many obese people we have here in the good ole USA?

When I was a child in school there was only one 'fatty' in the whole school. Now, almost everyone is overweight or starving themselves to stay from getting there. I know this is not PC, but folks, obesity is a PROBLEM! It's not okay. Yes, you should still love yourself, but love yourself more and do something about it! It does affect your health.

And now that most of us cannot afford medical insurance, myself included, and the government will not offer Medicare for all, we are facing a real crisis. I am not blaming 'the victim'. I AM blaming the advertising industry, corporations, and the food industry. In order to make cheaper, faster food, they have engineered this 'plastic' food. But it contains elements that not only are starving people so that they have to eat more, but also addicts them, so they want to eat more. Healthy whole food is satisfying.

So how does this relate to astrology you might well be asking at this time. The signs and planets have been anthropomorphized for centuries. Named after gods and goddesses, they interacted just like we do. Many of the mythologies of the world are based on the stories associated with the heavenly bodies.

Right now, the Moon in Leo is out there by itself except for Saturn (not exactly the warmest of planets). And we all know that Leo craves, nay requires, love and attention. I learned years ago, that one way to see this need in the Leo is to imagine that in a past life the Leo was left alone sleeping in a cave, while the mother went to forage for food. While the mother was gone, there was an earthquake and the entrance to the cave got buried. The child wakes up, and sees that it has been 'buried alive' and eventually starves and dies thinking all along that the mother abandoned it and left it to die. Never understanding the truth. Meanwhile, the mother scratches her fingers to the bone trying to dig out the child. Bleeding and crying, she succumbs to the elements and also starves and dies. A sad tale, yes.

This Leo Moon feels abandonded by the rest of the gang which is having a party together over there in Aquarius and Capricorn. Yikes! I can't imagine a more boring party than that! But in the mind of the Leo - THEY are all whooping it up over there on the other side of the sky while he/she is shivering to death alone.

I suggest that you bring your Leo 'abandoned child' in from the cold. Make him/her some warm homemade soup, using a real chicken and some real vegetables. Rather than stressing and worrying, do something constructive. A whole chicken is cheaper than cut up parts. Cut it up yourself. Take the neck, back and other 'non-useful parts' and make a broth. Freeze the legs, wings, thighs and breasts for other meals. Anyone can learn to cut up a chicken. Fresh celery, onions, carrots, and fresh herbs from the garden outside, can make it delicious.

After you have made a pot of soup, invite your friends over. Maybe someone knows how to make bread from scratch....not some frozen preservative-laden dough from the store that you heat and serve. The homemade jam someone got as a Christmas gift makes that bread a delicious treat.

Share your skills, learn new ones.

Everyone laughs at the 'back to the land' movement of the 60s, but many of us 'elders' know how to do things that will help us all through this time of change.

We need to learn to use all parts of the chicken.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Moon in Aquarius - Feb. 2-3, 2011 The Winds of Change are Upon Us

Aquarius is associated with equality, humanity and new ideas. It has two rulers: Uranus, god of change, revolution and disruption; and Saturn, god of time, karma and structure. It is an air sign, although it's symbol is the water-bearer. Some say this represents the Egyptian god who flooded the Nile every year.
Isn't it amazing that Egypt is in turmoil at this time of the New Moon? Ancient Egypt was one of the early high cultures of the world and the place where astrology was developed into an art and a science. Islam came early to Egypt since it is so close to Arabia and it has been a stable country for decades. Egypt has been a friend of the U.S. for quite a long time. Considered a stable Islamic country with a secular government. A major tourist destination. Now what?
Everyone is in the streets, demanding change. What's going on? Why, after nearly 30 years of leading the country must the leader go NOW! Uranus! Soon to be in Aries. The co-ruler of Aquarius, says NOW! Change must occur NOW! The kind of change Uranus and Aquarius demand often means trauma for many people. Not content with gradual change, when Uranus gets a bug up its behind, gotta change NOW!

Not only are the Sun and Moon in Aquarius, but also Chiron, Mars, Neptune and Ceres. No doubt these added players are creating more pressure to change the status quo.

I suggest you take the time to breathe, have a cup of tea and take the time to relax in the next couple days, until this is over. With Jupiter in Aries and Uranus at the final degrees of Pisces, about to go into Aries as well, one could easily go into overwhelm.

The chart for this New Moon, in addition to all those planets and asteroids in Aquarius, has the North Node, Pluto, Mercury, Vesta, and Pallas Athene in Capricorn. Clearly, the forces of change are lined up against the forces of resistance...a little too much strife for me.

In addition, Uranus and Jupiter are making a T Square to the nodes. Best to lie low as much as you can.

On the other hand, all this energy might be just what you need to get moving and accomplish a lot. It depends on your nature. As to how it affects you, that depends on how centered you are. Meditate, pray, do whatever you do to set your intentions, then GO!

If you have a plan, you can accomplish a lot, if you don't you'll just be spinning your wheels and getting frustrated.
Where there is life, there is change, No change equals stagnation, death. My feeling is that you either consciously face change and accept it gracefully or have it forced upon you in ways you don't want.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You Are What You Eat - Full Moon in Cancer

This up-coming Full Moon in Cancer, January 19, sort of crept up on me. Although it is still officially winter, I can feel the energy of Spring. I think it is due to the up-coming ingress of two planets into Aries - Jupiter January 22, Uranus March 12.

Time is moving faster as Jupiter moves into Aries, soon to be followed by Uranus.

Projects that I have had on a back burner for months are suddenly manifesting. My Virgo ascendant keeps saying "not ready! wait! stop!" But my progressed New Moon in Gemini in the 10th house is ready to roll.

First new offering is my Pluto Through the Houses Course. A four week course featuring Pluto as viewed through the Evolutionary Astrology perspective.

Each week we will cover three house/sign archetypes. You have the option of taking the whole course for a discounted price, or just the one/ones that relate to you.

Everyone must take the Introductory class, which covers the basic principles of Evolutionary Astrology and the role Pluto plays in the chart. It will be offered three times so that you have a chance to take it before the Course starts in April.

The dates for the Introductory Class are:

Sunday, February 27, 2-4
Saturday, March 5, 2-4

They will be offered at the Songbird Community Healing Center in Cotati.

The four week Course will be first and third Saturdays of April and first and third Saturdays in May. April 2 and 16, 2-4pm and Saturday May 7 and 21, 2-4pm.
Each class is $25.00 or $90.00 for all four.
The Introductory Class is $15-$25 sliding scale

Register here at the PayPal button in the sidebar or through the Songbird Center website.

Now on to this Full Moon. Cancer, ruled by the Moon often represents the Mother or the Nurturer. That which sustains life so that it can reach maturity (Capricorn).

Stephanie Austin in The Mountain Astrologer says, "The first water sign (Cancer) teaches about feelings, family and food; how emotions function as our spiritual GPS; the importance of where, how, and with whom we live; and what helps us to grow."

It is important that she connects spirituality to emotions. In the West at least, we often connect spirituality with thought and the mind. We believe, often unconsciously, that emotions are connected with the body, which in the Christian tradition, is often considered the source of evil. Actually you cannot separate any of it. It is all a system - the body affects the mind, the mind the emotions, the emotions the body. What came first - the chicken or the egg?

Spiritual technologies that seek to control the mind and thought often leave out the next crucial part. It is not the thoughts themselves that affect us, but their relationship to emotions. If you have a thought and it is neutral...then no effect. But if a thought sparks an emotion (which it often does) then you have a bodily response and that can be detrimental to your health and well-being.

It might sound indulgent to say that being happy is good for you... but it's true! Being happy can be a result of gratitude, it does not mean you just bought a new Lexus!

Happiness is not dependent on your status or accomplishments although Hollywood and Madison Avenue have learned how to manipulate us so well, we now associate happiness with whatever they tell us we should have, be or do. They learned early on how to control us and they do. Most people are totally unaware of this type of programming.

Lately I have been watching T.V. a lot because I have been visiting an elderly relative. I have not had T.V. in my home for nearly 17 years because of where I live. I had heard horror stories about what has been going on there, but I had no idea how bad it had gotten. After a couple nights of watching T.V. I began to have an uncontrollable desire to eat. Being the analytical person I am, I sought an explanation for this insatiable hunger. I realized that it was due to frustration. Watching T.V. made me feel powerless. The one thing I could do, was run to the kitchen during every commercial break and grab something, ANYTHING to eat. I was eating stale crackers!

Why frustrated? One thing was the flashing images... they have speeded everything up. There was no time to process what I was seeing. Just as I would begin to wrap my mind around something, the image changed. I never got to see what the result was or even what happened next. Some shows were extremely bad. The worst I saw was Inside Edition. They spent more time saying what they were going to cover than actually covering it. It was hard to tell what was the content of the show and what was an advertisement. After awhile, it didn't matter. It was all sound and action bites, which left me 'hungry' for the meal....which was in the kitchen.

So we have come full circle to Cancer (which rules the stomach) and food...that which nourishes us.

We have to learn to eat what is good for us, not what is dished out by the media. We need to turn the electronics off. We don't have to take it in. We need to feel the effects of the things we consume...whether it be ideas, food, images, sounds - whatever. Limit or reject that which feels toxic, because it probably is to you. So what if people say "you are too sensitive." How can you be too sensitive? Especially if you have to 'toughen up' to withstand it?

"You are what you eat" was a slogan that came out at the end of the 50s. It was probably part of a T.V. ad (ha!ha!). But it is true. And it refers not only to food but to all forms of energy that enters your body.

It is especially important now that we are going through this huge energetic shift to feel the effects of everything and anything you are exposed to and to limit or stop contact with whatever makes you feel sick.

Learn to take care of yourself. Don't ingest poison in any form.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Between the Eclipses - January 4, 2011

The Solstice Lunar Eclipse in the early hours of December 21, was a very powerful experience for me. I went out to Bodega Head on the Sonoma Coast. The ocean was turbulent. The weather alternated between heavy rain/overcast to open sky. I got to see it all.
As I stood looking straight up at the sky, I saw the Mayan Sacred Tree in the sky with the Three Stone Place of Creation. The Moon was right on my natal Uranus, the Sun (under my feet) was conjunct the Galactic Center and my natal Jupiter. I truly felt aligned with the Cosmos. I saw how my life has been guided my the Maya for some 40 years. They first called to me in 1970 when I was an anthropology major.

In February I will give my talk on Ek'Waynal at Songbird Center. Check out their website and calendar for details. Go to my 2012 blog to read more about the Maya and their calendar.

The up-coming Solar Eclipse on January 4 at 13 degrees Capricorn squares Saturn (the ruler of Capricorn) at 16 degrees Libra. This signals a need to establish new goals that include justice and above all, fairness. With so many people suffering economic loss, how can our government continue to favor the rich? I found out that a government agency laid off 80% of its staff, who are now collecting unemployment while no one is in the office to do the work. Does it make sense to pay people not to work when there is so much work to be done? What is the point to that? Most people would prefer working rather than being 'on the dole'. It affects self-esteem and mental health.

I witnessed a total Solar Eclipse while living in New Orleans in the 80s. When the Sun was totally occulted, the atmosphere became magical. The light quality was like just after sunset, but it sparkled with silver spangles and no, I was not "under the influence". It was an experience I have never forgotten.

Solar Eclipses occur in 19 year cycles, so the last one we had a this degree of Capricorn was on January 4, 1992. Think about what you were doing then (who can remember that long ago?), to see what is coming up again for completion or advancement.

This Solar Eclipse is also conjunct Vega, one of the brightest stars in the sky. Approximately 14,000 years ago, it was the Northern Pole Star. The Babylonians called Vega the "Messenger of Light". In ancient Egyptian cosmology, Vega was associated with Maat, the goddess of divine wisdom, balance and order. Our words "mother", "matter" and "material" all come from Maat, who resides over Divine Order. After death, Maat used a feather to weight the hearts of deceased souls to determine their readiness to evolve to the next dimension.

Could it be that, just as in ancient Egypt, Maat will be the one who moves us to the next dimension as prophesied by the ancient Maya? Moving us through the wormholes of the two eclipses. If so, then we must 'lighten our hearts' so that they are not heavier than a feather. This means ridding ourselves of resentment, fear, hatred, doubt, grudges etc. Forgiving all that has happened to us and accepting that it all occurred for the progress of our soul.

The Sabian symbol for this eclipse at 14 degrees Capricorn states that "An ancient bas-relief carved in granite remains a witness to a long-forgotten culture; the will to unearth, in our culture as well as in any culture, what has permanent values, and to let go of non-essentials."

I want to leave you with a quote I got off Facebook which is in line with this eclipse: "We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. The old skin has to be shed before the new one can come." Joseph Campbell