Monday, March 21, 2011

Astrology Day 2011 SF

Despite the pouring rain, the early hour and the fact that I still had a cold hanging on...I made it to the 2011 Astrology Day event in San Francisco. Thankfully, I had made arrangements to get a ride, so I didn't even have to drive and sharing expenses 3 ways, bringing my lunch and the fact that they had no books for sale (ha! ha!) made it even better.
My favorite talk was the keynote address by Steven Forrest titled: "Bring on the Human Future" He covered Uranus square Pluto, Jupiter opposing Saturn, the Cardinal Cross and as usual, did not pull any punches. Said it straight, but as also usual, with humor and humanity. Forrest is a master of saying even the hardest stuff in a way that makes it palatable, even funny.

He said that with all the hard astrological challenges, its easy to forget Neptune, which will go into its own sign, Pisces on April 4. Neptune is one of the BIG PLAYERS in the astrological game too! But Neptune's message is so different from all the rest that is happening.

Neptune's cycle is 165 years long, so Neptune remains in a sign for 13/14 years. Forrest said that during this transit, "escapism will be raised to an art form" and that "virtual reality will provide an easy escape from a
worsening reality". On the other hand he said, "there will be a massive leap in consciousness", and that "the angels will notice that even the most hard-hearted people will have moments when they are gazing at a rose
in wonder." We will be in the "collective well of magic", and that we will all have greater metaphysical experiences," no matter who we are. This sound great to me!

He went on to give a brief history of Neptune in Pisces in human culture, saying that typically during Neptune in Aquarius, "the magic drained out of the metaphor" and the old systems were dry and empty. Because the people were starving, the ground was fertile  for a new message. The Qur'an speaks of this in the same way. "We sent a messenger from among you..."

When Neptune went into Pisces, what often happened was that there was "a visitation of energy" and a new "(spiritual) teacher appeared with the juice bringing in magic and transformation". He equates this to returning
"back to the Well of Life". But he also quoted someone as having said: "Religion makes good people better and bad people worse." So there you are.

According to the Dalai Lama, "the world is drunk on anger", and Forrest says there is one thing on which ALL people of the world including Sara Palin (not sure if it's spelled right and I don't really care) and any terrorist would agree: "everything sucks and it cannot continue like this!" ha! ha! so true....I love Steven Forrest!!

We can certainly see that we are at a log jam, everything seems to be falling apart and most of us feel a loss of meaning in life. Forrest says that at times like these, the Universe will answer and there will be a spiritual renewal.

He says that this past year when the movie, Avatar came out, correlated to when Jupiter made a short ingress into Pisces before going retrograde back into Aquarius. It reminded people of the time when we were connected to Nature and to each other on a deep psychic level. It touched that memory within us. Forrest mentioned an article in Psychology Today, January 2010, (which I have yet to read, but will look for) that says there was a high incidence of suicidal thought reported in the population as people realized what they had lost and thought gone forever.

This was a taste of what is coming. Forrest said that Neptune's ingress into Pisces on April 4 for four months, before it turns retrograde then direct again, will give us a preview of what we will be experiencing for the next 14 years.

I think we will go through a period of deep grieving - which has already begun - for the death and destruction that has been wrought by our human greed, ignorance, jealousy, possessiveness and insensitivity. We need to
do this. We need to mourn the dead. We need to cry out in anguish. We cannot stuff it and cover it up with drugs, alcohol or any other pain-killer. We need to feel this pain so that we will know we are still human
beings with hearts. As the Sufis say...."the Sufi is the one with a broken heart". Only when we have admitted what we have done, will this thing be over and we can begin to heal and change. This is the basis of all therapy, AA groups, confession etc. We have to take responsibility for the pain we have caused others.

Another presenter at Astrology Day, Ralfee Finn, got us all in tears when she showed the picture of that little dog who stayed with his dog friend until he could get help. She labeled the picture "The Hero", showing us
the model of what we need to aspire to - love, service, - whatever it takes to help our fellow beings in need. Here's link to that video. Not sure if will work, but you can try.

Neptune's 'power' on the collective and on the personal level is most potent when it is in it's own sign. If you have Pisces in the your 12th house, lucky you! You will get the maximum benefit of Neptune in Pisces!

In general, Neptune dissolves whatever it touches.... often leading to confusion and a sense of being lost.
Neptune deals with the realm of the invisibles and connects us to the Infinite, the Source of being. It is the planet of mystics and artists, musicians, poets, dreamers. It rules the imagination, the dream world.
For those who love this part of life, it is delightful. For those who fear it, it is strange, uncomfortable and unreal.

It is amazing to me how this corresponds to the end date of the Mayan Long Count calendar period of 5,125 years. In the Popol Vuh, the Creation myth of the Maya, the world has been created and destroyed by the Gods, who originally created beings so that they could be praised. Each creation failed to do so, partly because in the form they were in, they could not. It can be viewed as a set up because they were destroyed due to something they were incapable of doing: could not praise because they could not talk for example.

However, our form has the ability to praise and yet it does not, because it 'forgets' or 'looses interest', 'gets
distracted by life', whatever. So...we could be destroyed. Perhaps we, too, are not capable of praising God.

By the way, the Aztec stories say this creation ends by 'movement' that is, earthquake.

If what has been going on in the world has not gotten your attention, you are indeed beyond the pale. How many people have prayed lately who have not ever prayed in their lives? How many have cried at the sight of dead people, whales, birds, dogs, children? God/Gods are doing whatever they can to wake us up to the spiritual side of life, which actually lies at the base of everything.

Another interesting thing in the Mayan story is that Creation comes from the 'watery world below' which is seen at the night sky when the worlds are reversed - and is often depicted as the sea and its creatures. This
corresponds to the first presentation entitled "2011 and Beyond: A Brave New World Emerging from the Sea", by Dale O'Brien.

Last, but not least, the one text we have which speaks directly about the up coming completion of 13 baktuns (12/21/2012) says that the nine gods (the nine lords of the night) will descend (from the night sky - read watery world - read ocean) to the place of transformation (a type of sweat house). The rest of the text is either missing or destroyed.

My guess is that we will have a visitation from beyond that will assist us in our evolution to the next level.  As Ralfee Finn said, "not everyone succeeds on the hero's journey. Some don't survive the descent. Some are

My feeling is that ultimately, we will all make the hero's journey, survive it and come back with our gift. Maybe not in this lifetime, but eventually, just because we were created. That is the proof. There are
those who don't want to do the inner work this time. That's okay. This is where FREE WILL comes in.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Full Moon in Virgo - March 19, 2011

Many of us will be attending the International Astrology Day events in San Francisco this coming Saturday. It is the day before the Spring Equinox and the day of another Power Full Moon.
The second of six SuperMoons this year, it will exert a stronger pull on the Earth's oceans, tectonic plates and energy grids than 'normal' Full Moons. Not exactly what we need right now!

A psychic I know said the west coast of California could have a huge earthquake between March 19 and 27. Apparently, California is on the other side of the same fault that caused the recent earthquake in Japan.

Another element of this upcoming Full Moon is that the alignment of the Earth's equator with the Sun at the equinox causes a reduction of the Earth's magnetic field, which according to Stephanie Austin, "facilitates switching channels and increasing access to higher dimensions and new information".

Since this Full Moon (opposition of the Sun and Moon) is square the nodal axis (currently in Sagittarius and Gemini), we have a Grand Cross - the the Sagittarius NN conjunct the Galactic Center. The Galactic Center is a black hole at the center of our galaxy. It is a super transmitter of energy and radiation which effects the electromagnetic field of the Earth. So we have two conditions which could shift our magnetic field, not to mention whatever effects were caused by this recent huge earthquake.

I have discussed the meaning of the Galactic Center a bit here and on my 2012 blog.

Equinoxes are considered cosmic gateways by many ancient cultures. Spring and Fall Equinoxes are when the Cosmic Serpent at Chichen Itza moves down the sides of El Castillo and slithers off to his home in the Underworld via the portal of the Sacred Cenote. Hope to be there this September.

This Full Moon occurs at the final degrees of Pisces and Virgo, potent degrees as we are challenged to 'get the message' of the sign before the planetary body moves on.

So what are we to do? Nothing. There is nothing to DO. It is time to BE! Rather than be a human doing, become a human being. Being occurs when live in our hearts. As we get better at staying in our heart, then no matter what happens, it will be okay.

The Sabian symbols for this Full Moon are potent.
Sun 29 degrees of Pisces - "Light breaking into many colors as it passes through a prism."
Moon 29 degrees of Virgo - "A seeker after occult knowledge is reading an ancient scroll which illumines his mind."

Kim Marie of the Evolutionary Astrology Network suggests that we pray for all those who have passed due to this earthquake and tsunami so that they can realize their situation and move on to the Light. Whenever there is a mass trauma like this with a huge loss of life, souls can be trapped because they get confused.

Now that we are moving towards Pisces in Neptune (April 4) the veils will be thinner. Perhaps these large numbers of people who have passed in the last couple of years are actually 'immigrants' to the new world - going ahead to prepare the next level for the rest of us. Maybe their soul contract included being emissaries to the new dimension.

It was a tragedy from our perspective, but we may not know the whole story. Because we are unable to accept a concept such as 'ascension', we have to have 'an earthquake' so that a large number of people could leave and their departure would fit into our paradigm.

If we shift our consciousness, we might just be able to ascend without blowing anything up first. We can leave without trauma. It's a naughty child who destroys his toys before he leaves so that no one else can play with them.