Sunday, August 14, 2011

Full Moon in Aquarius - August 13, 2011

Full Moon again. Didn't we just have one? Seems like things are going faster and faster. Does that mean I'm getting old? With all that is going on... I'm late in posting this. However, since the effects of the Full Moon operate for awhile, it is still relevant.

This Full Moon in Leo is especially potent. Venus and Mercury are conjunct the Sun, while Neptune retrograde is conjunct the Moon. In addition, Mars opposes Pluto, which is square to Uranus, making a T Square and ultimately a Grand Cross is you bring in Saturn. Whew!

Now tell me this, there is nothing going on here on Earth that mirrors all this activity in the Sky. The sky picture indicates huge, transformational changes which any look at the news will validate. Uranus (revolution/freedom) square Pluto (transformation/rebirth) and Mars (the will to make it happen).

All these changes are not only happening 'in the world' but also inside us. Although many of us tend to focus more on the external than the internal, I suggest you take the time to see what is going on 'in your world'.

I have a strong sense of optimism that many would see as foolish. I truly believe and am living from the perspective, that anything is possible. I refuse to be dragged down by the forces of doom and gloom, because the more we buy into what they are saying, the more we strengthen them. We feed them when we
accept what they say as the truth. I choose to feed joy, optimism, creativity, imagination. I feel happier than I've been in a long time and see my world improving day by day. Since 'my world' radiates out from me...I see everything improving.

Now, more than ever, your capacity to imagine the world you want to live in is crucial. See yourself living the life you want for yourself and others. Rather than worrying about dire circumstances, use the power of your thought to manifest the positive. What have you got to lose? At least you will be generating positive energy rather than negative and that in itself produces better outcomes.

The 'revolution' within, known in Islam as the Greater Jihad, is more difficult because it requires that you first imagine that another way of thinking and being is possible. We think we are stable and that the world around us is changing. But notice how different YOU are when everything is going the way you want, when you are in love, when you receive good news etc. then contrast that with how you feel when you are afraid, jealous,
angry, tired, sick. You are not always the same. Your thoughts and emotions are constantly in flux. In fact, your inner state is more changeable than anything else in your life.Gurdjieff said that in fact, there is no 'I' inside you but hundreds of 'I's' competing for the stage. Spiritual work such as meditation and observation helps you see the many 'I's' so that at least you can know who is speaking at any given time.

Don't believe this? Just try to quit smoking. The 'I' who wants to stop smoking doesn't know the one
who needs a cigarette right now and in fact, thinks you deserve to have one because you have been so good and have not smoked for a whole day. Or you start dieting, then because you lost 2 pounds, you think it is okay to have 'only a small bag' of chips as a reward.

This happens to everyone all the time. Observation is the first step and a very important one. It is also true that once you begin to see the chaos within, you could get depressed about it. But remember, this is the human condition.

With the Sun conjunct Venus and Mercury right now, we have the added benefit of Love, Harmony and Beauty (Venus) and the Messenger of the Gods (Mercury) to bring our dreams into focus and send them out into the world.

Have a Happy Life!