Thursday, February 17, 2011

Astrology classes I am offering.

An Introduction to Astrology course offered at San Joaquin Delta College through Community Education on Monday nights starting March 7, 6:30-8:30pm for 6 weeks.
This is for beginners... the basics. Signs, houses, planets etc. Learn what are they talking about when they say "mercury retrograde" or "saturn return"? Go to their website to register.

At Songbird Community Healing Center in Cotati, CA

Pluto and the Evolution of the Soul a class which presents the basics of the evolutionary astrology method as created by Jeffrey Wolf Green. The focus is on Pluto and the Lunar Nodes. This is a stand-alone class, but, is the pre-requisite for the up-coming 4 week course - Pluto Through the Houses which starts in April.

The one day Pluto class is offered on Sunday, February 27 from 2-4pm, then again on Saturday, March 5 from 2-4pm. We plan to offer it one more time before the 4 week class begins.

The four week class Pluto Through the Houses will be On the first and third Saturday in April (2 and 16) and first and third Saturday in May (7 and 21). You must have taken the Pluto and the Evolution of the Soul to sign up for this.

You may take the whole 4 week course or just the part that pertains to you. There is a reduced fee for the entire course.

Register here on this blog or at the Songbird website.

Come in from the Cold - Full Moon in Leo February 18, 2011

I felt the pull and saw the light of the beginning of the Full Moon in Leo last night. For me it lasts for 3 days. One day before and one after the 'actual' day. Since I have a skylight in my bedroom, (it was there when I moved in), the light of the Full Moon, not to mention the energy, can keep me awake.
Coupled with the sound of the rain pounding overhead, I had a wakeful night. I found myself, once again, beginning the litany of concerns about this or that. Instead, I shifted my mind to counting my blessings. A warm cozy bed, a full stomach, a roof, my sweet little white cat Melody at the end of the bed, a peaceful life.

The world is upheaval. The revolution in Egypt was remarkable. I wonder if anyone noticed that a million plus people were out in the streets for nearly 3 weeks and there was no destruction of property and very little violence (except on the part of the government). The so-called down-trodden Muslim women in their headscarves, were shouting as loud as the men. This people's revolt would never, no could never happen here. We are too fat and happy.

Rather than demonstrating in the streets that we are not happy that the richest people in the country continue to make more money while people are without work, losing their homes, paying more for everything everyday.... we sit and watch T.V., drink our poisonous softdrinks and eat our GMO-based snacks.

Did you know that almost every type of prepared food has corn in it? In some form or another? Whether it be corn syrup to sweeten, cornstarch to make it seem creamy or hold it together. And that corn is all GMO. Did it ever occur to you that part of the modification might be designed to do something to you? (Sounds like a conspiracy. Now she's really becoming a nut job). Well, it's my blog and I can say what I want. Hmmm did anyone ever notice how many obese people we have here in the good ole USA?

When I was a child in school there was only one 'fatty' in the whole school. Now, almost everyone is overweight or starving themselves to stay from getting there. I know this is not PC, but folks, obesity is a PROBLEM! It's not okay. Yes, you should still love yourself, but love yourself more and do something about it! It does affect your health.

And now that most of us cannot afford medical insurance, myself included, and the government will not offer Medicare for all, we are facing a real crisis. I am not blaming 'the victim'. I AM blaming the advertising industry, corporations, and the food industry. In order to make cheaper, faster food, they have engineered this 'plastic' food. But it contains elements that not only are starving people so that they have to eat more, but also addicts them, so they want to eat more. Healthy whole food is satisfying.

So how does this relate to astrology you might well be asking at this time. The signs and planets have been anthropomorphized for centuries. Named after gods and goddesses, they interacted just like we do. Many of the mythologies of the world are based on the stories associated with the heavenly bodies.

Right now, the Moon in Leo is out there by itself except for Saturn (not exactly the warmest of planets). And we all know that Leo craves, nay requires, love and attention. I learned years ago, that one way to see this need in the Leo is to imagine that in a past life the Leo was left alone sleeping in a cave, while the mother went to forage for food. While the mother was gone, there was an earthquake and the entrance to the cave got buried. The child wakes up, and sees that it has been 'buried alive' and eventually starves and dies thinking all along that the mother abandoned it and left it to die. Never understanding the truth. Meanwhile, the mother scratches her fingers to the bone trying to dig out the child. Bleeding and crying, she succumbs to the elements and also starves and dies. A sad tale, yes.

This Leo Moon feels abandonded by the rest of the gang which is having a party together over there in Aquarius and Capricorn. Yikes! I can't imagine a more boring party than that! But in the mind of the Leo - THEY are all whooping it up over there on the other side of the sky while he/she is shivering to death alone.

I suggest that you bring your Leo 'abandoned child' in from the cold. Make him/her some warm homemade soup, using a real chicken and some real vegetables. Rather than stressing and worrying, do something constructive. A whole chicken is cheaper than cut up parts. Cut it up yourself. Take the neck, back and other 'non-useful parts' and make a broth. Freeze the legs, wings, thighs and breasts for other meals. Anyone can learn to cut up a chicken. Fresh celery, onions, carrots, and fresh herbs from the garden outside, can make it delicious.

After you have made a pot of soup, invite your friends over. Maybe someone knows how to make bread from scratch....not some frozen preservative-laden dough from the store that you heat and serve. The homemade jam someone got as a Christmas gift makes that bread a delicious treat.

Share your skills, learn new ones.

Everyone laughs at the 'back to the land' movement of the 60s, but many of us 'elders' know how to do things that will help us all through this time of change.

We need to learn to use all parts of the chicken.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Moon in Aquarius - Feb. 2-3, 2011 The Winds of Change are Upon Us

Aquarius is associated with equality, humanity and new ideas. It has two rulers: Uranus, god of change, revolution and disruption; and Saturn, god of time, karma and structure. It is an air sign, although it's symbol is the water-bearer. Some say this represents the Egyptian god who flooded the Nile every year.
Isn't it amazing that Egypt is in turmoil at this time of the New Moon? Ancient Egypt was one of the early high cultures of the world and the place where astrology was developed into an art and a science. Islam came early to Egypt since it is so close to Arabia and it has been a stable country for decades. Egypt has been a friend of the U.S. for quite a long time. Considered a stable Islamic country with a secular government. A major tourist destination. Now what?
Everyone is in the streets, demanding change. What's going on? Why, after nearly 30 years of leading the country must the leader go NOW! Uranus! Soon to be in Aries. The co-ruler of Aquarius, says NOW! Change must occur NOW! The kind of change Uranus and Aquarius demand often means trauma for many people. Not content with gradual change, when Uranus gets a bug up its behind, gotta change NOW!

Not only are the Sun and Moon in Aquarius, but also Chiron, Mars, Neptune and Ceres. No doubt these added players are creating more pressure to change the status quo.

I suggest you take the time to breathe, have a cup of tea and take the time to relax in the next couple days, until this is over. With Jupiter in Aries and Uranus at the final degrees of Pisces, about to go into Aries as well, one could easily go into overwhelm.

The chart for this New Moon, in addition to all those planets and asteroids in Aquarius, has the North Node, Pluto, Mercury, Vesta, and Pallas Athene in Capricorn. Clearly, the forces of change are lined up against the forces of resistance...a little too much strife for me.

In addition, Uranus and Jupiter are making a T Square to the nodes. Best to lie low as much as you can.

On the other hand, all this energy might be just what you need to get moving and accomplish a lot. It depends on your nature. As to how it affects you, that depends on how centered you are. Meditate, pray, do whatever you do to set your intentions, then GO!

If you have a plan, you can accomplish a lot, if you don't you'll just be spinning your wheels and getting frustrated.
Where there is life, there is change, No change equals stagnation, death. My feeling is that you either consciously face change and accept it gracefully or have it forced upon you in ways you don't want.