Thursday, January 19, 2012

Aquarius New Moon - January 22-23, 2012

In general, New Moons are times of new beginnings. This is doubly true with this one since it is also Chinese New Year - a Dragon Year at that!

One of the qualities of Aquarius that you might find helpful right now...they can be VERY objective...even about themselves. They have the ability to change their lives in radical ways and not look back. This might be a useful thing to keep in mind these days. Learn to reframe 'loss' into 'making room for something new'. Learn to regard 'change' into something to look forward to and embrace, rather than something that upsets your apple cart.

With Uranus in Aries and Mars stationing retrograde in Virgo, the energy is challenging: full speed ahead/slow way down at the same time. This could lead to a very frustrating situation especially those with a lot of fire in their charts. Don't burn up your motor!

Rather take this Mars retrograde time to strategize and plan, so that when it goes direct April 13, you can leap ahead. You could make more progress in a shorter time, if you act with precision - one of the greatest qualities of Virgo. With laser-like focus, all your energy is put to its best use. No waste. So slow down to accomplish more.

Let this New Moon show you where you want to focus that laser in your life. The new beginning that you want to manifest in the next phase of your life.

This New Moon forms a T-square with Jupiter and Saturn which are asking you to check-in with your moral compass when you set your intentions. We are in a time when everything that you do and say has an effect on the future. Karma no longer takes lifetimes. We get it back in minutes now. Therefore, don't think you can get away with anything anymore. You must walk your talk; be the person you strive to be now; and get real.

While we may have the tendency to complain...and there's a lot to complain about... open your 'magic backpack' (another clever invention of Caroline Casey) and look for solutions... to your own problems and those of your 'peeps'. See how resourceful you can be rather than waiting for someone to rescue you.

Don't waste any time on fear or worry. Stay in present time so when the solution comes (and it will) you are paying attention and can recognize it.

Remember that old Chinese proverbs offer this blessing: "May you live in interesting times". That is putting it mildly. These are indeed, interesting times.