Monday, September 20, 2010

There Are No Coincidences - Full Moon in Aries September 23, 2010

The Full Moon this month is on Sept.23, 6 hours after the Fall Equinox. It is said that times like these energetic gateways are opened. I call them portals.

At zero degrees Aries, it is the beginning point of the zodiac and thus is the start of a new cycle.

Just today, I scheduled my first Astrology class at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton. It will take place next (Spring) semester. I have been wanting to leap into teaching astrology and was invited to do so today. This is a new beginning for me and I look forward to it joyfully.

It turns out that the Sun on this Full Moon is only 2 degrees from the Super Galactic Center (SGC) at 2 degrees Libra around which our Milky Way Galaxy turns. Saturday, September 25, I will be teaching a class on the Galactic Center (GC) according to Mayan belief. When I scheduled the class, I did not 'know' we were at that point. So, a class on the GC just a couple of days after passing by the SGC! WOW talk about portals.

Although the Sun crosses the point of the SGC every year, it is extremely rare for this to coincide with a Full Moon and in connection with four outer planets.

Stephanie Austin says, "The SGC functions as a homing beacon, a transmission of stellar intelligence streaming across millions of light years, impelling us to embody the energies encoded in our birth charts."

It takes courage to do that and Aries is all about courage. Consensus reality controls us more that we would like to admit. Even our rebellion against it is conditioned by it. What would we do if we were truly free? If we had unlimited choice?

The work I am doing now, after the recent Evolutionary Astrology conference in Denver, includes identifying those hidden fears and beliefs that keep us from our best manifestation.  Jeffrey Wolf Green says that nearly all of us are born with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to past life trauma or trauma experienced in the womb. The rest experience trauma some time in their early childhood years. This trauma serves both to condition us and to teach us. When acknowledged and processed, it can lead us to our greatest gifts. It is one of the factors that leads to evolution... the soul's purpose on Earth.

Another coincidence is that I am currently working on a chart reading for a person whose natal Sun is conjunct the Super Galactic Center. I likened his situation to that of a butterfly ready to leave the safety of the cocoon he has lived in for most of his life, spread his wings in the Sun and fly free and beautiful.

Stephanie Austin in her article in this month's The Mountain Astrologer (which I read after I received the image), quotes the Sabian symbol for this Full Moon: "In a collection of perfect specimens of many biological forms, a butterfly displays the beauty of its wings, its body impaled by a fine dart; the immortal archetypal reality that a perfect and dedicated life reveals." Well, I can do without the impaling part, but the rest is inspiring. In fact, impaling is part of what we need to shed at this time.

My client's birthday is September 26 and his life has been one of dedicated service to family and friends. He strives for beauty and harmony in all areas of his life.

There are so many indicators that this is the time for transformation for all of us. The Grand Cross we are all being affected by includes Jupiter/Uranus/Moon in Pisces/Aries on one corner, Sun/Saturn in Libra opposing, Pluto/North Node/Ceres in Capricorn squaring with South Node in Cancer opposing - 8 oppositions and 15 squares. Only the inner planets are not involved, although Mercury in Virgo trines Pluto and the North Node.

We are coming to the end of the Piscean Age, where we were taught to believe that we must suffer in order to grow, that being spiritually oriented meant we had to be poor and alone. Those days are over.