Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Full Moon in Scorpio - May 17, 2011

Last weekend I was supposed to participate in a Health Fair Sampler with Songbird Community Healing Center. I was going to offer flower essence readings and promote my classes and readings.

I woke up with a lot of resistance, my knee still aching, and my energy low. I thought about how little money I have been making at shows and events lately as people seem less willing to part with their declining funds.

On the other hand, I had not paid for the booth and so would lose nothing, except the gas to get there, even if I made nothing. I went through the usual inner conversation of 'yes and no' - which doesn't seem to get better, despite my efforts.

At some point, a new idea popped in, probably because I have been meditating more lately. Why not see it not as a chance to make money, but rather as a time to have fun. View it as a party I was invited to, a chance to see my friends and meet new people. This way, I didn't need to make money because it was a social activity.

Amazingly, this gave me renewed energy to get ready and go.

Let me say that this was the most financially successful day I have had in months! I scheduled and was paid for a reading and sold aromatherapy products. Effortlessly, I had made 4X what I had hoped I would make! I felt like a miracle had happened. In a sense, it had.

This showed me something very important which relates to this Full Moon in Scorpio, which asks that we shift the way we do things. By viewing the show as 'work' it became drudgery like many of the jobs I have had in my life.

I got into making herbal products and giving astrology readings because I loved it. I had made into to a chore by "needing to make money" at it. When I shifted my attitude, my energy changed. This, of course, is related to the Law of Attraction. People were willing to give me their resources (money) because they liked the energy I was radiating.

Many agree that things are falling apart and shifting. Rather than scrambling to rebuild the old and replace the outworn, let's use this as an opportunity to create and manifest our bliss.

Many years ago I worked at a women's shelter. Despite the fact that every one's life had been led them to their current circumstances, all were doing everything they could to restore that dysfunctional life minus their abuser. No one saw the whole pattern, their role in the dysfunction, the fact that it was their attitudes about themselves and the world that had, in part, created the scenario they found themselves in. No one saw they had to change everything, including themselves. I used to encourage them to see their stay in the shelter as the greatest opportunity they might ever have to totally change their lives. Some wanted to believe me, but feared the unknown. They opted for the security they knew, despite the fact that it led to misery. Of course, some did manage to make improvements, but most just changed the particulars, not the causes.

Let us not make the same mistake. If you find yourself with more time on your hands, why not use it to do inner work? Read, meditate, walk, work in your garden. Change your patterns. What else do you have to do? Perhaps, with this opening in your life, you will create something even better than that job you resented every day. One thing that all this proves is that there is no such thing as 'security' except that which comes from within.

I love this quote Stephanie Austin offers this month from Joseph Campbell:
"The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the Universe, to match your nature with Nature."

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seanymph said...

Things are getting a bit iffy here with me in Oregon, now. And when I feel a bit scared or overwhelmed, I go outside. I adore where Ive landed and it never fails to perk me up, even on a dreary rainy day. And so I try to do that and try to live in the moment, day by day. Looking ahead scares me too much, but today, right now, its ok. :)

It is all about how you look at it even when its really really bad. Ive had a lot going on with family this last week or so......really big stuff but I try hard to make sure I wash away all negativity each morning in the shower and fill myself up with white positive light and love. I can feel the difference when I forget to do it.