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Nov. 10, 2011 Full Moon in Taurus

One day before the 11.11.11 date. Personally, I don't understand what that is about, but there are those who consider it extremely significant. Is this another doomsday? or another chance to ascend? Whew, with all these major transformations possible...you'd better get it together. That's the message I get from all this and what this Full Moon is all about.

If found this online and it seems to sum 11:11:11 up fairly well, so I am quoting it. It comes from a website featuring newspaper articles from Ontario, Canada.

"According to Ancient Secrets Revealed, 11 is a master psychic’s number that means spiritual truth, intuition and ideals. It is viewed as a conduit to higher vibrational energy and wisdom. For that reason, there will be a tremendous number of ceremonies and celebrations around the world on November 11, 2011 or 11.11.11 including a major event in Toronto, Ontario.
The number 1 by itself can mean either the positive aspects of self-awareness and consciousness or selfishness, arrogance and aggression. The number 11 in astrological terms means you should pay attention to your intuition. Then the 11.11 connection suggests living as a more evolved person and taking responsibility for your actions.
When it comes to 11.11.11, which when added equals 6, it relates to home, family and stability as well as making the correct decision, being a good role model and viewing the world with an open mind. It also denotes getting rid of old thoughts and feelings that are detrimental emotionally, physically and spiritually."

I also like this article on Ancient Secrets Revealed

Be that as it may, the day before is a Full Moon in Taurus. Taurus encourages us to live in balance on the plane of matter. Taurus is concerned with survival, the realm of the senses (and the sensual), land, and values in relation to material wealth among other things. VERY IMPORTANT right now. And definitely 'up'. The Occupy movement is a rebellion of the 'people' the 99% against those who own most of the wealth. A classic struggle between the haves and those who want more. I won't call them the have nots because that is not really true. Few of the people protesting are have nots....they are people who want more. For more on this see my post on one of my other blogs.

Back to this Full Moon. Three important celestial bodies go direct around this one: Neptune, Ceres and Chiron. Ceres and Chiron go direct in Pisces, Neptune in the last degrees of Aquarius repairing for its ingress into its home sign.

Neptune in Pisces for the next 14 or so years is the real harbinger of spiritual evolution. I have discussed this in relation to 2012 on my CD program for sale on my 2012 blog.

During the next 14 years, transcendental experiences will be happening to everyone - even if just for a few moments. Everyone will have the chance to awaken - at least a little.

I think this quote sums it all up:
"The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away." (Pablo Picasso)
taken from The Mountain Astrologer, Oct/Nov 2011, p.105

I think this Full Moon on the axis of Taurus and Scorpio, asks us to examine our values and what we value. Do we value relationships or possessions? Do we determine what is important in our lives or do we follow the beliefs or dictates of others. Are we self-affirming or do we need feedback from others to establish our self-worth?

This Full Moon happens to be in wide conjunction to my natal nodes. It is also coincident that I am currently in a mode of re-evaluation and examination of my talents and abilities in relation to the needs of those I hope to serve. Lately, I have been feeling that no one wants what I have to offer. Should I change what I do to correspond to the market? or should I maintain my own goals. It boils down to - should I change my 'product' so that people will buy it? Interestingly, as I write this, the answer is clear. If I am truly following my heart's desire, it doesn't matter if anyone else values it or not. I am inspired by God/Goddess who provides for all my needs.

What is success? It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you are on a spiritual path, success may look very different from a person who is a Wall Street trader.

We are all being asked to examine our values and this Full Moon highlights that process.

Signs like almost everything, exist in a world of polarity, thus they have 'light' and 'dark' sides. Rio Olesky would call this 'centered' and 'uncentered'. Sometimes it is easier to see the 'centered' aspect by looking at the 'uncentered' side. Rio has a great new book called A Manual for the Modern Mystic: How to Practice Being in the Presence of God. (see sidebar to purchase) I highly recommend it. This is how it is described on his website:

"This book discusses 12 universal laws, each one associated with a sign of the zodiac. Rio uses stories and personal anecdotes as well as quotes or references to mystics throughout history. He discusses ways of working with these laws to enhance spiritual growth and consciousness development."

He will be one of the speakers at Astrology Day March 17, 2012 in San Francisco. His talk entitled: The Upside of Downtimes sound fascinating. The website is http://ncgrsanfrancisco.org/IADSF2012.html

The uncentered, dark, or shadow side of Taurus is materialistic, simplistic and unwilling to change. I would add stubborn.  Uncentered Scorpio is manipulative, obsessive and unable to trust.

Perhaps it is time to see how our society has been operating from the Dark side for quite a long time. This Full Moon, thinning the veils between the visible and invisible can help us see the truth and then perhaps we can change it.

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