Friday, November 13, 2009

New Moon in Scorpio - November 16

There is a lot going on in the heavens right now and as the title of this blog... from the Emerald Tablets of Hermes Trismegistus say.. As Above, So Below, there is a lot going on here on Earth.

Most people I know are going through huge changes. It seems everyone in is flux.... moving, major changes in income (mostly going down), dealing with health challenges. There has been a lot of death of people and pets, among my acquaintances.

In addition to the New Moon, which is a conjunction of Sun and Moon, there are other significant transits occurring - the New Moon squares the ongoing conjunction of Juptier, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius. If that weren't enough, Pluto squares Saturn the day before this New Moon. Whew! Can we find any stability in times like these?

Scorpio is a complex sign and one that is not easily understood, even by natives. They are often unable to understand themselves throughout their entire lives. Because of the depth and hidden nature of their ruling planet, Pluto, Scorpios who are not 'into' self-analysis or reflection, opt to live very material, externally motivated lives. Thus they can appear superficial. While this may be an unattractive, unexamined life that people reading this blog may want to avoid, it can give us a clue as to how to navigate this time of upheaval. Whatever is going on... don't take it personally. It is not your fault.

If you find that you are not able to figure out what to do next or what is going on....take a hint from the Scorpio/Taurus axis when it is 'unevolved'. Focus on the superficial. Huh? What I mean by this is... spend more time doing the small daily tasks. Cook your own food, rather than buying pre-made meals or going out. Can't cook? Learn. Start simple. Fix small things around the house, do crafts, wash the floor. Rather than adding to frustration and confusion by 'thinking' too much, stay grounded in mundane activities. Work on tangible things like...your yard, cleaning the closet, painting the bathroom.

This may appear to be 'denial' but by keep your mind and body occupied with tasks that are useful, practical and might save you some money, you will actually allow the intuitive function to kick in. Have you ever 'tried' to have a transcendent experience (without artificial means like drugs)? Did it work? But have they not just come to you while you were doing something else? - like walking in Nature. By keeping the mind and body busy, there is more space for the metaphysical to arrive. Inspiration often comes when you are not looking for it. I get a lot of ideas while washing dishes.

One of the metaphors for the transformational process is the butterfly. It begins as a caterpillar - an unattractive and, to some, disgusting creature. Certainly it is 'mindless' right? But....this so-called ignorant creature makes a cocoon around itself, goes to sleep and emerges as the extraordinary and magical creature we call a butterfly.

Does the caterpillar know what it is doing? Preparing an incubating chamber for its eventual transformation into a 'light being'? For all it knows, it is merely finding a twig, attaching itself then spinning the goo that comes out of its body into a home or a bed. The caterpillar/butterfly is 'programmed' to do this. It can no more say "No, I don't want to do this" than it can say, "I want it now, I don't want to wait, why do I have to bother with the cocoon?" "Why am I doing this?" It cannot stop its destiny.

Let us take our cue from this. Are we not also programmed to transcend, to ascend, to become light beings? Can we control the timing of it?

One of the lessons of now is that we are being asked (some would say forced) to surrender. We are being shown in many ways something that Gurdjieff said decades ago "we cannot do", which means that we live under many levels of laws of Nature etc. No matter how much we want the weather to be great on the day of the party we planned, we cannot control it. Our inability to control our circumstances, to make anything happen, to understand what is going on, to know what to do next....FRUSTRATING! A solution? Stop trying and just BE.

For those of us who subscribe to astrology, the planets also impose 'laws' on us. Saturn is the god of time. As long as we live at this level, we are subject to time. That includes timing. Sometimes the action is right, but the timing is not.

If you don't know what to do next...follow the teaching of Rumi: You are drunk and on the roof. Don't move or you will fall off. Just sit down where you are and be there. Learn to wait, be patient. (My interpretation)

Meanwhile, do what you CAN on your cocoon. There is nothing you need to learn. You have it all already. It is part of your programming. Just take care of business on this plane as best you can.

Fifteen years ago, on November 12, 1994, I went to my first Sufi Dance in Sebastopol. Being involved in Sufism has been a very satisfying experience. I thank all my teachers. One of the teachings of Sufism is "die before death". I have often compared this to the teaching of Don Juan (Carlos Castaneda) who says to let death be an advisor.

If you died today, (no this is not morbid - it's Scorpionic) what would matter about your life? Who are you? asks the hookah smoking caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland. WHO ARE YOU? Are you your house, car, job, bills, material possessions? If they were all gone, would you die? If they.... who is 'they'? took it all away and you were standing there naked, what would you do next? Scream? Cry? Faint?

Stephanie Austin in her article for this New Moon in The Mountain Astrologer gives the following quote: You only really discover the strength of your spine when your back is against the wall." (James Geary).

I learned this lesson on the physical plane the Thanksgiving after getting involved with the Sufis when one of the group took some of us rock-climbing. First we paired off - one person blindfolded, the other the guide, climbing up a hill on the way to The Rock. An extremely valuable experience. I was blindfolded. My guide was so concerned about my getting hurt, she was not able to give me any direction. We barely moved up that hill because she was paralyzed by concern. Finally, I started moving by intuition. I used my inner sight, feeling my way up the hill to the point where I was leading her. As it turned out this experience bonded us and We became fast friends. She couldn't understand how I had done it. By conquering fear with my body, not my mind. Feeling my way up the hill through my body.

Once we had gotten up the hill, those of us who wanted to take the challenge, climbed up a 40ft rock with an experienced person up top holding the rope attached to our harness. We had to go up a crack. I got stuck. The space got too small to raise my knee to get my foot up to the next foothold. My arms were not strong enough to pull myself up. I was caught in the crack, hardly able to move. I started to panic. I thought about all the ways I could not do it - all my limitations. Halfway up (halfway down) almost ready to yell out to be 'rescued'.

I remembered to breathe, calm my mind, get still. Suddenly I felt all of my body, not just the parts that did not do what I wanted.... feet, legs, knees, arms, hands, but the rest as well. Not strong enough, no room to maneuver....stuck. But I also felt my back against the rock. I started to slither, like a snake. Pushing up against the rock, using the rock as my friend, rather than my enemy. My back against the wall, I slithered my way up those few inches that made the footholds accessible. I got to a place where I could function in the ways I was most accustomed to, but I did it by finding a new way to use my back (my weak point). Since I have always had 'a weak back' this was an amazing discovery. I had not used my back for carrying, but for slithering. A new use for a bad back. It felt miraculous.

I suggest you reassess everything in your life. Find new uses, be creative. Rather than look at what is not working in your life... turn it all upside down. See how the obstacles can be turned into foundations for new activities. Question all your assumptions. Better yet, get rid of your assumptions. Don't take NO (or yes, for that matter) for an answer. If you feel like your world is upside down use that as an opening to a new way of being.

The Universe is supporting our transformation despite what you think about it. Trust that.