Monday, March 9, 2009

Full Moon in Virgo - March 10-11

As if Venus retrograde weren't enough, this Full Moon is conjunct the Saturn/Uranus opposition. Yikes! Hold on to your... or is it better to let go?

According to Stephanie Austin in The Mountain Astrologer, this is one of the most importantFull Moons of 2009 because it amplifies the Saturn/Uranus opposition which she calls an 'evolutionary imperative.' Ah, that's what they are calling it. I thought it was 'my life falling apart.' This so-called imperative is operational until 2010 folks, so I guess we have no other choice but to evolve or .....?
Austin suggests we 'embrace inventiveness.'

What we see is the breakdown of of outmoded structures and rapid cultural change. The retrograde Venus can be useful here since it assists us in determining what is of value and thus what we should keep or at least work on rather than just totalling tossing it.

As you may have read in my 2012 blog, I am really getting into Nassim Haramein and it just happens to relate to this Saturn/Uranus thing. Saturn representing the laws of classical physics and Uranus the 'quirky' realities of quantum mechanics.

Other contrasts that Austin makes that relate to this Saturn opposing Uranus transit are: hierarchy/democracy, status-quo/progress, and fear/freedom. Duh, I wonder which to choose? The difficulty is that there are few models out there because we are being called to create new ones.

But on to the Full Moon. The Sun will be at 21 degrees Pisces conjunct Uranus at 22 degrees. The Moon will be at 21 degrees Virgo with Saturn at 19 degrees Virgo. Austin says that each moment we have a choice between standing in love or collapsing into fear, between staying asleep or waking up. She says that where the Sun at 21 Pisces is in your chart is where you must trust your intuition and do something out of the ordinary; where the Moon at 21 Virgo activates your chart is where you need to discern your priorities and honor them.

Those with Uranus in Virgo and Pluto in Virgo are being given an especially loud wakeup call to own and express their power. Austin suggests we all use the power of this Full Moon to take the next big step on your path and remember: If we are facing in the right direction, all we need to do is keep on walking. (Buddhist proverb)

As for me, lately I have a lot of trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. I am filled with an intense energy but must really focus to accomplish anything. I feel there is something really important I must do, but don't always know what it is. When I am focused, I can get a lot done in half the time. I can be very efficient. But when I am not focused, I feel I am spinning my wheels.

One way I ground myself is by literally saying: "Stop! What are you doing?" This can snap me out of the whirr of my mind. I also need to go outside a lot and smell the flowers or work in the greenhouse. I am learning to listen to my intuition and act on it.

Over the years through meditation and other spiritual practices, I have learned how to distinguish between my intuition and other 'voices' that pass through my mind. My work with flower essences (see my herb blog) has moved up to another level. I can feel it. When I am with a client, I get 'downloads' from the plant spirits and find staying grounded both essential and extremely difficult. It is definintely an interesting time and I feel excited about what is happening.


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seanymph said...

Im trying desperately to stay in my "happy place". While the family drama has ended, I must get this house ready for sale. Seeing the drama in the world scares me to death at a time like this. I have no idea what Ill get for this house but I must do it or lose it all. So when Im down I do something fun to bring me back up and do what I can to get things ready for selling.