Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Obsessed with Pluto?

If you look at the Carousel on the sidebar, you will see books about Pluto. Does that mean I'm obsessed with Pluto? Yes, to some extent. I had been studying astrology for many years (along with many other things). I had had my chart done again and again. But there was always something missing. Something left out that felt like 'the most important thing.' I didn't care that much about love or money. What I wanted to know about was 'why am I here?' What is my purpose in life? Why do things happen to people? When I read Jeffrey Wolf Green's Pluto Book 1, I found someone who was 'speaking my language.'

Until I read the "Pluto books" by JWG, no one had been able to tell me what this archetype meant. Since I have it in the 12th house, it was even more hidden from my view. When I read Book 1, I was living in New Orleans (a very Plutonian place, by the way). And I was just about to go into a journey into the underworld myself. A Shamanic dismemberment of my own. I didn't know it until later, because I was not following my transits, but I was about to experience transiting Pluto 3rd house Scorpio square natal Pluto 12th house Leo. It was definitely a death and rebirth experience and it lasted for many years.

Since I had been meditating for many years by then, and had been on a spiritual path most of my life (including my childhood as a Catholic), I was somewhat psychologically and spiritually prepared for my ordeal. I had the idea that life is a school where we learn what we need for the development of our consciousness. I had internalized the idea of 'life lessons', but didn't fully get it until I went through my 'Pluto transit' where I had to literally re-invent myself. Having the information in my head, I now had the chance to practice it. I knew what I was going through was meant to teach me something and I was not going to waste the lesson, because I did not want to have to do it again.

I found out that JWG had developed a method of chart analysis called Evolutionary Astrology and a couple of years ago I was able to enroll in the home study program. JWG no longer runs the school himself, but he has passed it on to Kim Marie in the US and Rose Marcus in Canada.

Basically, one enters the chart through Pluto: sign and house placement, and the nodes of the Moon. It is believed that Pluto represents the Soul's Purpose, which is ultimately the purpose of our life. Everything that occurs in a life is meant to serve the development of the Soul and it's ultimate return to God. There is an intrinsic acceptance of the idea of reincarnation and karma in this method, since it not possible to go through the complete process of separation and return in one lifetime. Relationships, careers, money, etc., are means by which we are involved in life as incarnated beings. But they are not the purpose of life.

Unlike most methods of chart analysis, EA does not put emphasis on the Sun, Moon and Ascendant. Yet as I have been studying EA, I have found it to be amazingly useful and accurate.

For books I recommend on other aspects of astrology, go to the bottom of the page where there is another Carousel.

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