Friday, October 24, 2008

Scorpio Special Offer - Transformational Tools

The Sun has just entered the sign of Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto. The Phoenix is often used to represent Scorpio. It is a mythical creature who is able to re-create itself from its own funeral ashes. Harry Potter fans will remember it as Dumbledore's familiar.

This is the time when the veil between the worlds is thinnest and it is celebrated nowadays by the holiday of Halloween. This is a sacred time, when we have greater access to other realms.

Next weekend (Nov.1 & 2) I will be attending the San Francisco 2012 Conference - "Shift by the Bay". I just finished reading "Maya Cosmogenesis - 2012" by John Major Jenkins and have been re-inspired. You can read more about this at my blog: Wise Women of the West.

I feel a special connection to this alignment because 1) I have natal Jupiter sitting right at the degree of the Galactic Center opposing natal Uranus and 2) My 10th house cusp is conjunct the Pleiades. The meaning of these elements of my chart are becoming clearer to me all the time.

I truly believe that astrology and flower essences are healing tools that can assist people in their transformational journey. I write about flower essences on my blog: Hamida the Herbalist.

Among the qualities of Scorpio, the 8th house (its natural house), and Pluto, are an interest in investments, inheritances, other people's money, sex, death and all taboo subjects. In honor of the Sun's ingress into Scorpio, I would like to offer the readers of this blog the following:

During the sign of Scorpio, if you buy one of the reports or calenders advertised in the sidebar, you may have a second one of your choice, FREE. The one of lesser value will be free. Just order one by clicking the graphic and going through PayPal and when you leave your data, specify which report of equal or lesser value you want free. I will then send both reports via your email as attachments. If you have any questions as to what the reports are like, you can view samples by clicking the graphic and following the links.

The reports are:

The Sky Within - a reading of the entire chart - available in English or Spanish.

Friends and Lovers - a comparison of two charts which discusses positive and challenging elements - available in English and Spanish.

Opportunities - a reading that focuses on career choices based on your chart.

Asteroids - a reading of the four major asteroid Goddesses and Chiron in your chart.

Your Spiritual Path - a reading which focuses on directions and paths which may inspire you based on your chart.

Day Watch Calendar - a calendar showing transits to your natal chart through a whole year. You can specify the start date.

You don't have to use your real name, but I do need the birth data to create the report.

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