Monday, November 24, 2008

Pluto Readings and Essences

In conjunction with Hamida the Herbalist, I am now offering Pluto Readings and Essences, featuring my Pluto Through the Houses Blends. Please go to my website for information and details about ordering.

Pluto is a powerful teacher. The house in which Pluto resides natally is extremely important in determining the purpose of the current life. Where the lessons are currently occurring is where Pluto is by transit. Since Pluto's passage through a sign can last up to 30 years, its effect on our lives both individually and collectively is profound.

Since many people are born with the same natal Pluto sign, they tend to be viewed as 'generations' because they share certain soul qualities and lessons.

Pluto is currently moving into Capricorn where it will be until 2024. It has been in Sagittarius since 1996. The focus has been on belief systems, philosophies, cultural traditions, and religion.

Pluto helps us see our obstacles to transformation by challenging our beliefs, causing huge changes in our lives, taking things or people away or other 'unpleasant' circumstances. This is 'for our own good.' Ugh! But rightly viewed and worked with, great gifts can come to us.

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seanymph said...

Hmmmmm guess this is why a whole change of life is happening now for me. A new state, a new town, no family around, a business to start. Talk about being ripped away from all you know!