Thursday, November 13, 2008


The expression: 'As Above So Below' comes from the Emerald Tablets of Hermes Trimegistus, Thrice Great Hermes, the name given to Thoth by the Greeks during the Hellenistic period in Egypt.

In astrology, we call Hermes by his Roman name, Mercury. Known as the Messenger of the Gods, Mercury, as shaman and teacher, moved between the worlds of gods and humanity, bringing knowledge to the Earth plane.

There has been much speculation about what 'Thrice Great' refers to and from my research into Egyptian Mysteries, I believe it refers to the fact that Hermes/Thoth was the master of the three Egyptian mystery schools: the solar, the lunar, and the stellar.

This forms the basis for the three salves I have created to assist in the process of awakening and integrating the three sources of wisdom into our being. (See Hamida the Herbalist Etsy store for the Solar, Lunar and Stellar Salves.)

Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf have developed the Anubis Oracle, an intuitive tool for divination. By clicking here, you can go to a free reading page.

You can purchase the set here from my Amazon carousel for a discount.

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