Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Special - Great Gifts!

Until December 24...

Buy one Day Watch Calendar for $25.00 and get one free! A personalized calendar based on the natal chart. See what the transits are for you (or whose ever chart it is) each day.

Makes a great gift for family or friends. Must provide Date, Time and Place of Birth for each chart. Names can be fictitious. Sent to you via email. You print if you wish. If I print and mail by snail mail additional charge.

A good 'last minute' gift since email is nearly instantaneous. Can be sent anywhere in the world.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sagittarius New Moon - November 27

I have been a bit distracted lately. A lot is cooking after the 2012 Conference. I am working out the details for a class I will be teaching on Mayan Hieroglyphs and the Mayan Calendar, and planning to put a class on CD that will be available in a couple of months and... I missed, or almost missed this incredible New Moon!

What adds to its significance is that on the same day, Uranus goes direct after being retrograde since June. Stephanie Austin in the Mountain Astrologer says its "like a red light turning green". Uranus is the Awakener, the God of Chaos, the Cosmic Wild Card. Turning direct it signals a time for a quantum leap.

From November 27 through December 31, there will be no planets retrograde and so a lot could happen in the next month. Austin calls the energy that is available "breakthrough or breakdown". Change or be changed.

I got an email from one of my teachers, Jane Bell. She said she is going to devote some time to creating a supportive infrastructure. That really got me thinking. Sometimes we are so focused on what we want to accomplish, we forget that unless we have a solid base to work from and nurturing support along the way, that is, if the foundation is not laid, we cannot get anywhere. The arrow of Sagittarius is pointing us in a direction. But don't forget to look at the rest of the symbol, which also has meaning. The bow and arrow are held by a man with the body of a horse. In addition to the arrow - the goal, look at the foundation - the horse. Don't forget to take care of your horse.

An expression I learned from the Sufis is "Pray to Allah, but tie your camel." We ask for Divine Inspiration (from whatever source) to give us this or that, but we fail to do our part by taking care of what we have in front of us.

The day before this New Moon, Pluto goes into Capricorn. The challenge is to create structures that are sustainable and equitable, not just to get back to business as usual. True, we all want economic recovery, but not the way things have been done in the past. Rather than seeing recent events as a disaster, see it as house cleaning, remodeling, tearing down a dilapidated structure to build a new one.

Pluto and Uranus are preparing us for a paradigm shift. They are leading us into a new way of doing things. Ya Hu!

"Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition. It asks too little of yourself. Because it's only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential" Barack Obama

Oh! I just love the sound of his voice! For 8 years, I couldn't listen to Bush, not only for what he said, but because his voice was so irritating. McCain was worse. A certain hissing like Golam in Lord of the Rings. Obama's voice is music to my ears. Oh Happy Day!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Pluto Readings and Essences

In conjunction with Hamida the Herbalist, I am now offering Pluto Readings and Essences, featuring my Pluto Through the Houses Blends. Please go to my website for information and details about ordering.

Pluto is a powerful teacher. The house in which Pluto resides natally is extremely important in determining the purpose of the current life. Where the lessons are currently occurring is where Pluto is by transit. Since Pluto's passage through a sign can last up to 30 years, its effect on our lives both individually and collectively is profound.

Since many people are born with the same natal Pluto sign, they tend to be viewed as 'generations' because they share certain soul qualities and lessons.

Pluto is currently moving into Capricorn where it will be until 2024. It has been in Sagittarius since 1996. The focus has been on belief systems, philosophies, cultural traditions, and religion.

Pluto helps us see our obstacles to transformation by challenging our beliefs, causing huge changes in our lives, taking things or people away or other 'unpleasant' circumstances. This is 'for our own good.' Ugh! But rightly viewed and worked with, great gifts can come to us.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


The expression: 'As Above So Below' comes from the Emerald Tablets of Hermes Trimegistus, Thrice Great Hermes, the name given to Thoth by the Greeks during the Hellenistic period in Egypt.

In astrology, we call Hermes by his Roman name, Mercury. Known as the Messenger of the Gods, Mercury, as shaman and teacher, moved between the worlds of gods and humanity, bringing knowledge to the Earth plane.

There has been much speculation about what 'Thrice Great' refers to and from my research into Egyptian Mysteries, I believe it refers to the fact that Hermes/Thoth was the master of the three Egyptian mystery schools: the solar, the lunar, and the stellar.

This forms the basis for the three salves I have created to assist in the process of awakening and integrating the three sources of wisdom into our being. (See Hamida the Herbalist Etsy store for the Solar, Lunar and Stellar Salves.)

Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf have developed the Anubis Oracle, an intuitive tool for divination. By clicking here, you can go to a free reading page.

You can purchase the set here from my Amazon carousel for a discount.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Taurus Full Moon - Nov 12-13

This is a Super Moon, one that both at perigee (closest approach to the Earth) and syzygy (either a New or Full Moon). It is said that Super Moons act like laser beams which focus the electromagnetic particles into channels of energy. Super Moons increase gravitational pull and generates more extreme tides, weather and emotional reactions.

This Full Moon is conjunct Sedna which is at 20 degrees, 40' Taurus and symbolizes a mass initiation into cosmic consciousness. Located beyond Pluto, Sedna functions as a spiritual gateway to higher dimensional realities. Sedna was first sighted in 2003 by the same team of astronomers who discovered Eris. It has been noticed that astronomical discoveries coincide with evolutionary leaps, reflecting the concept: As Above, So Below.

Sedna, in the constellation Cetus the Whale, was discovered during a time of tremendous changes in the arctic and ocean regions. As a goddess, Sedna supports the development of the divine feminine and provides a link with the womb of our generative energies.

In addition to the conjunction with Sedna, this Full Moon is square Neptune at 21 degrees Aquarius. Neptune represents spirituality and illusion, intuition and imagination. This God of the Sea dissolves our existing concepts in order for us to experience a far greater reality that transcends death and the physical world. What would we do differently if we knew that nothing is separate and that we are all part of the web of life? How would we live if we knew we were immortal and infinite spirits?

Another factor influencing this Full Moon is a sextile between Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in Pisces. Jupiter represents expansion and Uranus innovation - the sextile represents opportunity. New perceptions and possibilities can arise with little effort.

The message of this Full Moon is in response to the economic situation we are presently experiencing. It suggests that we ground ourselves upon our divine core rather than material resources - that we live in accordance with spiritual as well as physical realities. We are called to face our fears, own our power and let go of what is decaying.

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly" (Chuang Tse)

Taken from The Mountain Astrologer article by Stephanie Austin.