Tuesday, June 30, 2009

July 7 Eclipse - Portal Between Worlds

As we approach the upcoming Full Moon eclipse on July 7, we may feel contraction. For some, this will be experienced as fear leading to panic.
The circumstances of the outer world which seem real - money issues - may cause us to put the focus of our energy in the wrong place.

While a contraction is called for, it is not a 'bad' thing. Since we live in a world where only expansion and growth are valued and sought after, we feel something is very wrong with contraction and must be 'forced' into it. Rather we should submit to this contraction willingly for it is part of the cycle. Observe your breath. It goes in and out. Observe the tides, they go in an out. All of it is a rhythmic cycle. Neither can exist without the other.

With Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron conjunct right now, I feel that after the contraction, the 'in-breath will bring more healing, greater intuitive capacity and an increase ability to manifest our dreams. But we must first be willing to let go and release on a grand scale.

Have you ever been told to take a deep breath? What is the first thing you do to prepare to do that? Breathe out more than ever. So, now, get ready to take a deep breath.

Rather than clenching up in fear which is usually accompanied by holding your breath, let it all go. Don't try to hold on to whatever goes with it. Don't grab on to anything. Before we can manifest the new life we want, we have to make room for it. Right now we also have access to creative imagination on a grand scale. Dream big. Dream into reality the next phase of your miraculous life.

The Moon in Capricorn 10th house and Sun in Cancer 4th forming this eclipse, open the portal between birth, death and rebirth.

The ancient Maya saw 'life' as starting with death. Life comes out of death. The 4th house is both the house of death (where we come from) and the house of birth. The 10th house is the life in between. This eclipse has the Moon (the ruler of Cancer) in Capricorn. To me this means that the nurturing energy of the Moon/Cancer is on both sides of the portal.

Go to your emotions to see what needs to change. My doctor recently advised me to "let pain be my guide" in regards to the physical therapy I must do after my broken ankle. At first I thought "what? Why would I want to do that?" But after thinking about it I saw the wisdom in it on a larger scale. To determine what is not working anymore in your life, let pain be your guide.

Often in order to continue to function, we avoid the pain in any number of ways. Distraction, medication, numbing out, sleeping, staying busy - are common ways. But in order to see what needs to be changed/healed and when we are not going in the right direction, we need to experience that pain.

Remember that game where someone hid something and the other person had to go look for it? We said warm, hot, boiling when the searcher approached and cold, freezing when they were far away? Well, be sensitive to the subtle emotional changes that accompany different parts of your life. Pay close attention to your stomach, your aches and pains, your mind, your energy. Does your body respond positively or negatively as you go through your day. Your own body can give you clues your rational mind hides from you.

Let emotional or any other kind of pain, be your guide to what is no longer working in your life and what needs to go. Then, imagine the new life you want. Get ready, breathe out, then breathe in deeply and move through the portal into your new life.

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