Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Value of Contraction - Less is More

Pluto in Capricorn is about maximum contraction. Since we have just gone through the opposite, that is, Pluto in Sagittarius, maximum expansion, this is particularly painful. Just like trying to squeeze into those jeans you wore in your 20s after two kids and gaining 20 pounds. Can't be done. Gotta shed some pounds. So that's where we are, all of us. And it feels awful. Depression is 'widely available'.

Liquor and fast food sales are up, even though more and more of us know the dangers of both. People want a quick fix for the psychological pain. People want to 'feel better,' if even for a moment.

I myself am grappling with this daily. Since I cannot go outside to my garden (due to my broken ankle), I have to dig deep into my inner resources. Meditation, chanting, repetition of mantra/wazifa is very useful since it helps you train your mind. Stopping thought is useful at this time, when what we are doing is not necessarily working at solutions with our thoughts, but rather beating ourselves up with self-sabotaging recriminations.

Flower essences, essential oils and tinctures have an incredible ability to soothe, heal and inspire. All very important at this time.

It is not about 'not feeling'. Among the tasks of Saturn and Capricorn is to evaluate what works and what does not work. To have the courage to admit that we don't like our life and then to change it. This requires feeling the pain. Pain is a message. Something is wrong. Don't mask it (of course if it is overwhelming and paralyzing, you have to manage it). Take the time (Saturn/Capricorn) to review your situation.

The next step which is so aptly put in the Serenity prayer adopted by AA.

"God grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And wisdom to know the difference."
Attributed to the theologian Reinhold Niebuhr.

This is one of the most useful messages that has been delivered to humanity in the last century.

About 18 years ago, while working at a domestic violence shelter, I was doing research on addiction. I read a series of books by Anne Wilson Schaef about the addictive society. Her best known one, When Society Becomes an Addict, opened my eyes to the role our culture has in making us all addicts in some way, so as to encourage consummerism.

Before we can stop our addictions we must 'admit we are powerless'. We must stop thinking that we can live forever, do anything we want, anytime. In a sense, the New Age Movement that expanded in the mid 80s, and promised us that we can have it all as we create our own reality (which usually included more stuff), has been co-opted (as the 60s were). Yes, even Michael Jackson died. Didn't you think for a moment that if anyone could figure out a way to live forever, he would? He could certainly afford to pay for whatever technology could come up with. For those who consider themselves 'spiritual' there are now millions of books, DVDs, CDs and catalogs full of all the accoutrements required to be 'on the spiritual path.' "Have you seen the latest yoga mat?"

Among the gifts of my recent 'confinement' is seeing what I actually NEED. Now that my ankle is nearly back to normal, I see that I am beginning to WANT again. The wanting is what causes me discomfort. About halfway through this confinement, I arrived at a state of contentment. A time when just being was all I could do and it was enough.

I hope to retain the lessons I learned. The gift of a broken bone (bones ruled by Saturn/Capricorn, ankle ruled by Uranus/Aquarius). Currently Chiron, shot in the ankle, is in Aquarius (natally in my 6th house of health). In my Solar Return chart for this year, it is at my midheaven (conjunct the 10th house cusp. The 10th house traditionally ruled by Saturn/Capricorn. Try to tell me that astrology does not work.

If you are feeling depressed right now, take it as a sign that you are alive and awake. You are not numbed out. Take the time to review your life. Feel what is not working anymore and try to understand why. Change what you can. If you can change nothing about the external situation, do an attitude adjustment.

One way this can be done is to invite the 'problem area' to tea. With friendship and kindness, ask it what it wants from you. What it wants you to know and learn. What is the lesson in this? is an extremely useful question to ask yourself on a regular basis.

Try to avoid 'why me?' because that is a victim stance. Instead I suggest you look for the lesson. I have found that when I can do this, I may come to value the 'problem' for the gifts it has brought - the 'virtues' of patience, humility, compassion, surrender etc. As soon as I 'get it', the 'problem' often goes away.

We can use plant guides and messengers in the form of flower essences and essential oils to support us in our own process. They work on a subtle level. They don't do the work - we still have to do it, but they can help us focus and have more clarity. They can take the panic away so we can think. See my herb blog.

If you wish assistance, I am available for astrology readings and flower essence sessions. Leave your contact info in a comment.

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seanymph said...

Ill be checking out the herb blog because I have been panicking. Im still here in this house, money is running out an the guy who is supposed to do all the work is a flake. I know he has had huge problems and they are just now starting to settle some so Ive tried real hard to be patient.

And if he didnt do such good work at such reasonable prices, I would have dumped him months ago. But now my money is running out and hes not here again. Time is money. And so since I cant reach him by phone now, Ive emailed the gf who also works with him and told her, I need answers Or Im hiring others. I need to get out of here now.

So Im panicking and depressed and scared and now my grandson is here with me a couple wks. All that mess is still going on too and its also scary. And all I want is peace.

The only way I see it now to get it is to just jump into whatever I can get going, doesnt seem to be any help coming to me.