Friday, October 30, 2009

Saturn in Libra - Buy One Get One.

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Saturn went into Libra today and I can already feel the change. Libra seeks to please and I can feel the cosmos asking me back into more accommodating relationship than we have had for the past 2+ years.

Saturn in Virgo was a task master for me. I already have plenty of Virgo is my chart with Ascendant conjunct Mars in Virgo I am really good at self-criticism. I really did not need the added weight of Saturn. When I am sat upon, I just go limp. It does not motivate me to do more. I don't fight back. Resistance is futile so why bother.

I feel a softening, a letting up of some of the pressure I've been under. I feel like I want to communicate again. For the past few months I have been questioning the meaning of life and my purpose in a very big way. Many deaths, including my 'big girl' Grace (cat). I went deep inside to process. Now, as we move into Fall and Winter, the traditional time for going inside, I want to express what I've found.

It's true that Libra can be critical and judgemental as well, but not right out of the gate. It tends to keep the negative stuff out of sight, like shoving it in a closet. If you want to fight and things get out of hand, believe me, Libra is right there with all the stuff that was in the closet right in your face, but it takes awhile before that happens. Libra can use the big guns, but prefers not to.

For the next couple of years or so, the job (Saturn always shows you the work to be done - in case you don't already know) will be in the realm of relationships. In Libra, this would be partnership, both intimate and business.

Saturn will ask us to define our relationships and to be clear as to who is doing what to whom. No more projection (a favorite past time of Libra). Are we clear about what we want from another person? Are they willing and able to give it to us? If not, how will be deal with that? If we decide to 'stay' anyway, we cannot blame the other person if they made their limitations clear to us. If they are vague or non-committal, are we going to accept that? If so, then, again, we cannot blame them.

Libra, as an air sign, seeks communication. But, let's face it, there are other ways to communicate besides talking. Facial expression, energy level, body language etc. communicate too. Rather than assuming that we understand each other, we might want to step out of our comfort zone and ask for an explanation.

Libra avoids conflict at any cost, but make sure the cost is not too high. Keeping the peace might feel good at one level, but are we going to be satisfied with that in the long run?

Sometimes we find out that all that silence and peace was actually a lack of caring or even an inability to care. It was not that they did not love you, they do not love anyone. Maybe cannot love at all. That is certainly not your fault. Nor was it your fault that you did not see it. There might be no one there behind the smile.

We have a couple of years to work on this. For those of you who have Pluto in Libra, you will have a Saturn/Pluto conjunction some time in this period. That should 'be fun'. Saturn might insist that something be done in the transformation department.

I feel there will be a lot of changes in the relationship department in the next couple of years. For those relationships that survive this transit and for those that are formed during this transit, there will be a lot more clarity and that is definitely a good thing.

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