Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where Does Your Fortune Lie?

Last night in Rio Olesky's 'Tuesday Night Class' a participatory astrology class that he has been holding for around 30 years, we discussed the Part of Fortune.

The Parts or Lots were used extensively in Arabic astrology and therefore are often referred to as the 'Arabic Parts', but they were developed in the Hellenistic period around 100 A.D. The origin of the technique is unknown, but many theories abound. You can read a brief overview on Wikipedia.

Not much is known and very little written about the Parts. Rio referred to the work of Martin Schulman and Dane Rudhyar with emphasis on Schulman's book: Joy and the Part of Fortune which can be purchased at:

Martin Schulman Karmic Astrology
Joy and the Part of Fortune

Apparently one can experience joy through the Part of Fortune and its house placement, but only if one has earned it. There is a karmic element to it. And it is not automatic.

It relates to one's goals in this lifetime and whether one is moving towards or away from them. This sets the parameters of what is good or bad for any particular individual. Schulman says that each of us has a 'pot of gold' waiting at the end of our own rainbow. What is in that pot is related to the Part of Fortune and thus differs for each of us.

The part of Fortune includes the personal recognition and privileges that accrue when one succeeds in their purpose.

Rio said that the Part of Fortune is not guaranteed. You must do the work. He referred to it as a compost pile that has a lot of potential but must be tended and worked on. Like a garden, you must plant the seed, nurture it and attend to it so that it grows to its maximum potential.

Calculating the Part of Fortune is different if you have a nocturnal or a diurnal chart. A nocturnal chart is one where the Sun is below the horizon, a diurnal chart one where the Sun is above the horizon.


Diurnal - Ascendant + Moon - Sun
Nocturnal - Ascendant + Sun - Moon

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