Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Moon in Virgo

Virgo is known as one of the pragmatic signs of the zodiac. The organizer, the planner. Not the one to come up with the idea, but the one to make it happen. An earth sign which helps us to analyze, discern, refine and assimilate. It rules the digestion.

I had been planning for months to go to South Dakota for Segment III of the Evolutionary Astrology training with Kim Marie. Something kept me from buying an airline ticket and I was still debating whether I might drive. Then, the last minute, a family situation came up and I needed to stay home to take care of it. Thankfully, I was not going to lose any money from this last minute change of plans. While I was disappointed, I felt that in fact, it was perfect since I don't feel the need to take in any new information right now. Instead, I feel I need to digest and assimilate all that I have been learning in the last few months. It didn't occur to me until now that what I am feeling is completely in tune with the cosmos and what is going on in my own chart. The more I pursue this study of astrology, the more I am amazed at 'how it works'. In fact, this New Moon is conjunct my ascendant and my Mars and so the right action for me is to take action to realize and materialize my goals.

For all of us, Saturn is very close to this New Moon and will be in Virgo for the next couple of years. It is the principle of time, space and all forms of physical manifestation.

Stephanie Austin says "In Virgo, Saturn seeks the perfect form, the most appropriate way of expressing what is in our heart and soul. Saturn also tells us that we are the boss, the chooser, the creator of our reality, and that we have the power to change whatever forms are no longer functional or desirable, including our defenses. The mythic Reaper makes its yearly conjunction with the Sun on September 3, turning the spotlight on whatever most needs to be strengthened, revamped, or abandoned." She suggests that we use the power of this New Moon to "examine and dismantle what holds you back from expressing your creativity. Listen to your body. Be willing to be a beginner and try out some new steps."

Look at your own chart to see where this New Moon occurs. This is where you will feel the energy. Where is Virgo in your chart? This is where the lessons of Saturn will play out in the next couple years.

quotes are from the Mountain Astrologer Aug/Sept 2008

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