Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Day Watch Calender

Get your own personalized calender, showing the transits and progressions to your natal chart. Here's a sample calculated using a well-known person born in Los Angeles, California. Click here to see the sample.

This is better than a generic astrological calender that you can buy at a bookstore, because it is calculated in relation to your own chart, showing your transits etc., rather than those for the U.S.

Order through the PayPal Buy Now button under the Day Watch graphic. Make sure to include name, date, time and place of birth or I can't calculate the calender. If you wish to use a psuedonym, feel free to do so. I will email it to you as an attachment. You can then print it or keep it on your computer. It's a good way to know what's coming up for you.

They make great gifts as well. Print them up and put in a decorative folder using art, graphics, photos etc., to further personalize them.

If you would like to create and sell your own calenders, you can order your software right here through the Matrix link here on my page.

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Galway Market Trader (Vic Anne) said...

How much can you configure the graphics in daywatch